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gathering clouds

A sign of impending trouble or danger. (The "clouds" refer to storm clouds.) There have been gathering clouds in the city for months—I'm nervous that a riot will erupt soon.
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go gathering orange blossoms

To look for a wife. The phrase refers to the frequent use of orange blossoms as wedding decorations symbolizing the bride's innocence. I'm quite certain that Sir Andrew went to town to go gathering orange blossoms, so we'd best get ready for a wedding!

gather dust

To be unused or forgotten, especially for a long period of time. My writing skills have been gathering dust ever since I got this job in the IT department. My grandfather still insists on writing letters by hand, while the laptop I got him gathers dust in the corner of the kitchen.
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gather dust

Fig. [for something] to sit unused for a long time. Most of my talent is just gathering dust because I don't really have an opportunity to perform.
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gather dust

COMMON If something gathers dust, it is not used or dealt with for a very long time. The report has been gathering dust on a shelf. She swam in the pool every morning and used the treadmill that had been gathering dust.
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gather (or collect) dust

remain unused.
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gather ˈdust

(of plans, recommendations, etc.) be forgotten or ignored: As usual the report was left to gather dust and not dealt with by the authorities for years.
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When we set out to design The Gathering Spot for our members, we knew it was important to have a dedicated event space for our programmed events, including speaker series, screenings, mixers and receptions, as these events allow us to connect and grow together," explains Ryan Wilson, CEO of The Gathering Spot.
Summit Investments reimbursed MarkWest and EMG about US $377 million, which represents 40% of all Ohio Gathering capital contributions made to date.
87-56, "assets used by petroleum and natural gas producers for drilling of wells and production of petroleum and natural gas, including gathering pipelines and related storage facilities" have a seven-year MACRS recovery period.
The "best" has arrived to perform and compete at the eighteenth annual Gathering of Nations Powwow.
we were more than 300 miles from the Gathering, and the police were already hot on our trail.
The QB drops 9 yards from the LOS, always gathering with the back foot to help prevent over-striding.
Previously two distinct products, Quorum TIPS Gathering incorporates the functionality from both of the products into a single, consistent system.
A detailed report on the 2006 ELCA Youth Gathering is at http://www.
The international gathering was marred by the Canadian government's refusal to grant visas to 53 delegates (out of 433 delegates) from developing nations (see Archbishop Peers' reaction to the visa problem in his column, Grace Notes, p.
Headed for medical school, Nguyen took the Gathering for Life route east and is now enrolled at Harvard.
Patrick's in Wadsworth, Illinois) people enter through the east and west doors of the narthex, pass under a relatively low ceiling, and meet in the vaulted center of the gathering area.
PRB had been leasing the compressors from a gas gathering operator as part of an operations agreement in which back-office services were also provided.
In the competition for videos with a budget of less than $30,000, Gathering at the River won a bronze.
Our investigation reveals that there was no `plot' or purposeful intent to conspire to prevent the petitioners from gathering signatures.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- Dauphin Island Gathering Partners and Main Pass Gas Gathering Company have agreed to combine their two offshore natural gas gathering systems in the Gulf of Mexico, effective Dec.