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gather in

To bring someone or something in to some place or thing. A noun or pronoun can be used between "gather" and "in." Gather in the kids and I'll get the cake. The CEO's receptionist gathered us in for the meeting.
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gather something

1. Lit. to collect something and bring it in; to harvest something. We gathered the pumpkins in just before Halloween. We gathered in the pumpkins just in time.
2. . Fig. to fold or bunch cloth together when sewing or fitting clothing. Try gathering it in on each side to make it seem smaller. I will have to gather in this skirt.
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According to these authors, a shellfish gatherer can interrupt her work when she feels exhaustion or is physically tired or in pain, in theory protecting the shellfish gatherer from more serious consequences, but without taking away the risk of MSDs.
Under the law, paid signature gatherers must register with the Secretary of State's Office, pass a background check and go through a training program.
Alison Lloyd, a curator at the gallery, was not surprised that The Mussel Gatherer had been valued at such a high price.
And yesterday a Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in London ordered Gatherer to be banned from practising.
But Gatherer and his office manager, Joyce Watt, fleeced the `vulnerable' widow, who had never dealt with a solicitor before, to profit from the sale themselves.
The Gatherer was held by the winner before the final fence, where Conor O'Dwyer's mount blundered badly, causing him to lose second place to Goldnecu.
Gatherer approached the boy outside McDonald's in Walsgrave 20 minutes later and asked if he had changed his mind.
for a smooth win here on Monday, was sent to the front on the downhill run to the second last flight and had runner-up The Gatherer in trouble rounding the home-turn.
Both sides were without their international players following the European Cup and Olton were not distracted when the visitors scored ten minutes into the second half, Gatherer reinstating the two-goal lead before Slough's consolation goal, seven minutes from the end.
In the example above, you just paid the order gatherer $90 for a dozen roses.
As David Gatherer sits in his prison cell after being jailed for 18 months at Newcastle Crown Court, a Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal will this week decide on his future career.
Wealthy David Gatherer had been instructed by Joan Fort to sell former shop premises she owned in Esh Winning, Durham, on her behalf.
Rooster Booster, ridden much more prominently than when chasing home Copeland in Newbury's Tote Gold Trophy last month, took time to get the better of The Gatherer up the hill but gradually
"If you're giving your signature to a paid signature gatherer, you are running the risk of giving your name, address and signature to somebody who has convictions for forgery or theft or even sexual assault," he said.