gather your wits

gather (one's) wits

To try to calm oneself and think clearly and rationally. Sir, you've just been in an car accident. Take a moment to gather your wits, then please tell us what happened. If your opponent starts badgering you during the debate, remember to gather your wits before responding.
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gather (or collect) your wits

bring yourself back to a state of equanimity.
1984 Geraldine McCaughrean The Canterbury Tales Poor old man, he was too astonished to speak. And before he could collect his wits, he was sitting at table…with his lord on one side and his daughter on the other.
See also: gather, wit
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collect/gather your ˈwits

try to become calm and think clearly: After such a shock I found it difficult to gather my wits.
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In any challenging situation, there are always two choices- you can panic and flail, or you can take a deep breath, gather your wits and pray.
He's just the kind of person you'd want to punch in the face if only you can gather your wits about you fast enough and not be thoroughly astounded by his ability to make accurate deductions almost all the time.
If you're to make your shot count, it's important to first gather your wits. If there isn't enough time available to make the shot count, you're best advised to pass it completely.
As evening twilight fades this month and the ghostly band of phantom fire materializes in the west, gather your wits, record your thoughts, and be sure to send Sky & Telescope your observations.