gather (a)round (someone or something)

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gather (a)round (someone or something)

1. To convene or assemble around a particular person or thing. All of the kids eagerly gathered around Santa Claus. Come on, fellas, gather round the campfire!
2. To cause people to convene or assemble around oneself or a particular person or thing. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "gather" and "(a)round." Santa Claus gathered all of the children around himself to hand out gifts. Please gather everyone around the campfire.
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gather someone or something around (oneself)

to collect people or things around oneself; to draw someone or something to oneself. He gathered a lot of arty people around himself. She liked to gather exotic plants around herself. Grandpa gathered all the kids around and read them a story.
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gather around someone or something

to collect around someone or something. Let's all gather around her and hear her out. Please gather around the table for dinner.
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gather around

or gather round
1. To come to some place and form a group; assemble at: The cowboys gathered round the campfire.
2. To cause some people or things to come to a place; bring some people or things together around a place: We gathered the tour group around the exhibit and began our talk.
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The rats could gather round our houses at night, looking in through the windows to gasp and coo at our big, blunt teeth, our cute paws with no claws on them and our funny pink faces.
It features well-known comedy actor Dewi `Pws' Morris telling fellow drinkers at the bar to ``gather round, gather round,'' in the pub as he tells a joke about an Englishman, Welshman, Irishman, Scotsman, Frenchman and an Italian crossing a shark-infested lake, which is then brought to life on screen in a re-enactment.
Does your family gather round the fireplace to play charades or do they fight for control of the TV remote?
Mike, Audrey, Ken and Curly gather round the bedside of the wide-eyed one as she says her final goodbyes.
He rejected the doctrine of transubstantiation "because it cannot be proved by Holy Writ." "The Mass became meal, the altar a table, the priest a host, and the congregation dinner guests invited to 'gather round the table and sing for their supper'."
Azad said: "If we go out alone, people stare and gather round us."
"But it's not like you can get your mates round, open a few beers and gather round a mobile phone."
FANS...Brum gardeners gather round to enjoy pots of snowdrops.
'It is for everybody within the team - management, selectors and players - to gather round him, but it won't affect him.
D25439_7 GATHER ROUND: (Above, from left) Sarah Neale, Paul Mofid, Joanne Duffin, Kirsty McKray, Anthony O'Kane and Steven Shepherd, and (left, from left) Paul McInulty, Ed Kirkthorpe, Andy Thorpe and Tony Butterworth D25439_6 PARTY TIME: (Above, from left) Gemma Sagar, Jenny Hall, Sue Taylor and Kimberley Ord, and (left, from left) Suzanne Malone, Trish Wolfenden (back), Janet Parkes, Carol Cumming - celebrating her 40th birthday, and Irene Rollason enjoy the atmosphere at the Orange House (right) D25439_5.
People gather round a burning US Bradley Fighting Vehicle in Baghdad yesterday after fighting broke out between American troops and insurgents
CROOK ON A HOOK: Pearce dangles upside down at the broken window as neighbours gather round NICOLA DANIELS
Despite all the clamouring, Mr Ahern must keep a clear head and gather round him a stable and workable government.
GATHER round followers, today's preaching is...a black eye for a black eye.