gather (one's) wits

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gather (one's) wits

To try to calm oneself and think clearly and rationally. Sir, you've just been in an car accident. Take a moment to gather your wits, then please tell us what happened. If your opponent starts badgering you during the debate, remember to gather your wits before responding.
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gather (or collect) your wits

bring yourself back to a state of equanimity.
1984 Geraldine McCaughrean The Canterbury Tales Poor old man, he was too astonished to speak. And before he could collect his wits, he was sitting at table…with his lord on one side and his daughter on the other.
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collect/gather your ˈwits

try to become calm and think clearly: After such a shock I found it difficult to gather my wits.
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"While the door was open from this incident and before we could gather our wits and close the door and light the candles, I saw outside - everywhere was glowing red from fires all round and I could see men on the roof of the Morris Commercial offices in Bordesley Green road trying to fight the fire that was shooting up through the roof.
Petty Officer Lucas and I asked a firefighter to hose the blood off us, and, when the police had released us, we took a short break to gather our wits, then got back on the freeway--three hours and 20 minutes after we had stopped.
If we allow ourselves to be huckstered into a phony middlesence, we may never claim the right to grow old gracefully, to showcase the gift of aging for younger generations, to gather our wits and memories and weave the fabric of our histories into a statement of whom we have been and what our lives have stood for.
We may as well start getting used to changing times, gather our wits, strengthen our community ties and strap in for the ride.