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gathered, gatherings always precede those who gather in them.
the eternal command to gather at the notional level.
And so on Saturday, 10 years after the tragic death of Loyola Marymount University basketball star Hank Gathers and the Lions' memorable, improbable assent to the elite Eight of the 1990 NCAA tournament, the school retired Gathers jersey number and that of his life-long friend and LMU teammate, Bo Kimble.
The death of Hank Gathers remains a memory sharply in focus.
There's no question, I'm wiser for having chronicled for another newspaper the Greek tragedy that commenced when Gathers crumpled to the ground near midcourt with 13:34 remaining in the first half of a West Coast Conference tournament semifinal game against the University of Portland, a game that Gathers' Loyola Marymount Lions were leading 25-13.