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gather something

1. Lit. to collect something and bring it in; to harvest something. We gathered the pumpkins in just before Halloween. We gathered in the pumpkins just in time.
2. . Fig. to fold or bunch cloth together when sewing or fitting clothing. Try gathering it in on each side to make it seem smaller. I will have to gather in this skirt.
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With the launch of the Good & Gather brand, Target will start to eliminate its Archer Farms and Simply Balanced brands as well as reducing its Market Pantry brand offering, which is reportedly its largest store brand.
Alongside the site launch, Gather have been accredited with ISO9001 certification representing the team's expertise with the handling of customer data in a post-GDPR landscape.
* To gather a fabric edge without a special machine foot, slightly loosen the machine's upper tension and set the stitch length to the longest setting.
can gather in a single death, that of a Palestinian child for instance.
Five finalists will be selected by the community through a series of three voting rounds, after which a Grand Prize winner will be chosen by a panel of judges.
The system allows marketers to gather demographic information--job title, age, geographic location--and use the data to identify trends.
AUVs can gather such data and at the same time map the seafloor and measure ice thickness, he notes.
For example, focus groups can be held in a variety of settings and enable a large amount of data to be gathered in a short period of time.
"Today, we have to travel farther and hunt harder to gather the resources that were in our backyard before the spill," said Gary Kompkoff, tribal chief in Tatitlek, the tiny village near the grounding site at Bligh Reef.
From the corners of the house or street or town or nation we gather for the meal, which commences with prayer, in thanks that we are here to gather, that we have food to eat, that we are not under attack this day, that we are not huddled and alone.
Later Isaiah verses promise that some emissaries will be sent to gather the people who have been dispersed until all have been brought to the "holy mountain Jerusalem" (vv.
The amount of information an organization's CI specialists can legally and ethically gather and analyze about its competition is the same information equally available to the competition.
And as we gather in Charlotte, my hope is that we come together, celebrate the sport, and celebrate the people that are part of OUR family.
Title HI of that act (4) contains provisions concerning the authorization and use of electronic monitoring by the government to gather information regarding criminal activities.