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between you and me

Also, between ourselves; just between you and me and the bedpost or four walls or gatepost or lamppost . In strict confidence. For example, Just between you and me, it was Janet who proposed to Bill rather than vice versa. This phrase, dating from about 1300, is generally followed by some informative statement that the listener is being asked to keep secret. The variant with bedpost, also shortened to post, dates from the early 1800s; four walls, also shortened to the wall, dates from the early 1900s, as does the gatepost.
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between you, me and the bedpost


between you, me and the gatepost

If you say that something you say is between you, me and the bedpost or between you, me and the gatepost, you mean that the person you are talking to should not tell anyone else what you have said. Between you, me and the bedpost, I'd say he was completely confused. Between you, me and the gatepost, he'd be better off without her. Note: People also sometimes use fencepost instead of bedpost. That's my opinion, between you, me and the fencepost.
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between you, me and the ˈgatepost

(British English, informal) used to show that what you are going to say next is a secret: Well, between you, me and the gatepost, I heard that she’s pregnant.
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One way to make such a gate easier to close is to put a handle on the gatepost to give you more leverage for pulling the gate shut.
Mr Singh said: "He took it off the gateposts, took the first towel offandsaw the baby's head.
Early indications showed that the child became trapped between her mother's car and the gatepost after she got out of the vehicle and it rolled backwards.
Church Wardens Norma Davies and Valeria Gobin > at Church of The Holy Savior in Lemington where two stones have been stolen from the gateposts.
Gatepost was going to be the only selection in the race until the prices came in and I saw Captain Dunne was available at double figures.
Defending barrister David Potter said his client and the complainant scuffled and Mr Jones must have hit his head on the gatepost, gate or wall.
Semelia died from her injuries after she trapped between a gatepost and a brick wall in Fallowfield, Manchester, in June.
Passers-by mistook the contents of the bag for a gym kit after the baby was abandoned on a gatepost outside a boxing club, wrapped in a towel and inside a Next carrier bag.
Turn right uphill and past the remainder of a wooden gatepost and dirt road.
Enough space was left for the gate opening and another gatepost was added.
Mr Reeves, aged 55, of Northfield, Birmingham, died from head injuries after he was pinned between the coach and a gatepost.
The Suzuki Alto they were travelling in had hit a stone wall of gatepost at the Greta Bridge sliproad.
A FAMILY was involved in a Christmas Day car crash when their vehicle collided with a stone wall or gatepost near Barnard Castle, in County Durham.
First up is the Richard Fahey-trained GATEPOST at Newmarket.
Kaldoun Kingdom, who scored in 2009, is back for more after running respectably in the last two Gold Cups, Valery Borzov and El Viento return after finishing down the field last year, while Gatepost is the other threeyear-old in the race.