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between you, (and) me, and the gatepost

What is going to be or has been said should not be told to anyone else; between us. This phrase is usually said along with information that needs to be kept secret. Primarily heard in UK. I overheard the boss talking to her secretary last night and—just between you, me, and the gatepost—she's giving the promotion to George after all. Between you and me and the gatepost, Stephanie is not as qualified for this job as she claims to be.
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between you and me

Also, between ourselves; just between you and me and the bedpost or four walls or gatepost or lamppost . In strict confidence. For example, Just between you and me, it was Janet who proposed to Bill rather than vice versa. This phrase, dating from about 1300, is generally followed by some informative statement that the listener is being asked to keep secret. The variant with bedpost, also shortened to post, dates from the early 1800s; four walls, also shortened to the wall, dates from the early 1900s, as does the gatepost.
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between you, me and the bedpost


between you, me and the gatepost

If you say that something you say is between you, me and the bedpost or between you, me and the gatepost, you mean that the person you are talking to should not tell anyone else what you have said. Between you, me and the bedpost, I'd say he was completely confused. Between you, me and the gatepost, he'd be better off without her. Note: People also sometimes use fencepost instead of bedpost. That's my opinion, between you, me and the fencepost.
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between you, me and the ˈgatepost

(British English, informal) used to show that what you are going to say next is a secret: Well, between you, me and the gatepost, I heard that she’s pregnant.
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between you and me and the bedpost/gatepost/four walls/lamppost

In strictest confidence. This elaboration of just between you and me is often followed by gossip about someone else. The bedpost version dates from the early nineteenth century and was used by Edward Bulwer-Lytton (Eugene Aram, 1832: “Between you and me and the bedpost, young master has quarrelled with old master”), Dickens, and others. The lamppost version may be a little older, but is not much heard anymore.
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