gasp at

gasp at (someone or something)

To make a sharp or sudden inhale ("gasp") in surprise at someone or something. I gasped at my mom when she told me I wasn't allowed to go to the party. We all gasped at the news of Mary's pregnancy.
See also: gasp
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gasp at someone or something

to inhale sharply in surprise or shock at someone or something. I gasped at the sight that lay before me. I saw how weary Denise looked and I gasped at her.
See also: gasp
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M2 EQUITYBITES-February 18, 2016-G2 Secure Staff gets GASP at Miami International
When you see the prices at the higher end of what's available in our high streets rather than gasp at the price ticket what should make you gasp is the quality and the tailoring.
She admonishes him and then demonstrates to Hermia (Kaori Ogasawara) the proper way to gasp at his infidelity.
Listeners will gasp at the heartbreaking ending--a sure sign of success.
(Gasp at the artist's ability to balance ice-cream cones on his nose!) Beneath the engaging tomfoolery, however, his is a theoretically sophisticated, consciously political practice.
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