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An inquiry at the time determined that the disaster had resulted from a failure of the outer cover, leading to the collapse of one or more of the forward gasbags.
Pressure garment "gasbag" keeps blood from boiling.
1 I AM TRUE BOGEY (Spider-man actor passes on his web) 2 HE'S PETTY SNOB (Die Another Day and Jane Eyre actor) 3 RIOT GASBAG (Sweeney Todd character) INITIALLY YOURS Which film, TV programme or musical number do these initials stand for?
He succeeded, delivering succinct responses that drew upon his long experience in the Senate without coming across as a gasbag.
I firmly believe that the word 'gas' in British Gas has been misinterpreted and that it is a shortened version of 'gasbag'.
He can be a bit of an old gasbag at times and has a habit of contradicting himself, but talk Ryder Cup to him and you are talking to an informed zealot.
When Senator Dianne Feinstein warned that fields could be fallowed voluntarily with compensation, or by force and without, an IID board member called her a "bureaucratic gasbag, pig-eyed sack of crap." In September the state suspended a law that barred the killing of thirty-seven endangered species.
Of course, the official gasbag of the kook right is Rush Limbaugh.
The maestro recounts it all...but by this time one is sick of the gasbag.
Richard Branson still has a lot to do if he is to persuade the public that the great balloonist is more than just a gasbag when it comes to running a railway.
He was followed by Caroline Aherne and gasbag granny Mrs Merton.
Nothing annoyed our troops more than this clumsy looking gasbag. The enemy, it was thought, were really overdoing things, as they already had sufficient observation from the top of the hill.
It was good to see the ratchet-voiced gasbag back and proved the scriptwriters were wise not to have killed her off like they have with Coronation Street's dopey Derek.
It's easy enough to see how Peckinpah tempts such macho-romantic malarkey: he affected the gasbag sagacity of a low-rent Norman Mailercum-Norman Bates.