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have (one's) guts for garters

To thoroughly and intensely punish, rebuke, scold, or berate one. Primarily heard in UK. My parents said they'd have my guts for garters if I took the car again without permission.
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have someone's guts for garters

punish or rebuke someone severely. informal
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have somebody’s ˌguts for ˈgarters

(British English, informal) be very angry with somebody and punish them severely for something they have done: She’d have my guts for garters if she knew I’d lent you her car.
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I wanted to Wow them with my designs and between us we collaborated to make three garters to cover each individual taste."
The range comprises initially of 3 completely different styles of bridal garter, blending the traditional lace wedding garter with more contemporary design touches added to attract the modern bride of today's market.
Who are these Knights of the Garter, I wondered, and how does one apply?
The Order of the Garter was established by King Edward III in the 1340s, as one of the ways to establish or fortify a sense of Englishness.
Inscribed garters date back to the 12th Century, and are extremely scarce until the Jacobite rebellion of 1745, after which time they become more frequent.
When a vacancy arises among the Most Noble Order of the Garter, a nobleman or woman is appointed by the British sovereign.
There may be plenty of garters to look at, but there's a lot we still don't know about them.
After all, this part of Canada should always remain famous for the world's greatest gobs of garters!
Malvolio (Janusz Mazon) is love's fool, whether in Shakespeare's yellow garters or, as here, in butterfly wings.
Support for that assumption came from a 1976 study in which he "hibernated" five male red-sided garters by placing them in cold storage in the fall.
To find out, he embarked on a larger-scale study, traveling to Manitoba to gather enough red-sided garters for controlled experiments.
The Street scrounger looks like she's about to have someone's guts for garters as she stomps to the church to tie the knot with fellow slob Les Battersby.
FRIGHT OF THE GARTER: Moody Wendi; TIGHT FIT: She struggles with dress as actor Bruce looks on
An invitation to spend an evening in a burlesque house reveals that beneath the glittery elegance is a funky quartet in black lace, garters, and bow ties.
Why have Orders of the Garter when no one wears garters?