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have (one's) guts for garters

To thoroughly and intensely punish, rebuke, scold, or berate one. Primarily heard in UK. My parents said they'd have my guts for garters if I took the car again without permission.
See also: garter, gut, have

have someone's guts for garters

punish or rebuke someone severely. informal
See also: garter, gut, have

have somebody’s ˌguts for ˈgarters

(British English, informal) be very angry with somebody and punish them severely for something they have done: She’d have my guts for garters if she knew I’d lent you her car.
See also: garter, gut, have
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Work in garter st for 10 rows, ending with a RS row.
This is not a 'popular history', a history written for popular consumption, but instead takes a 'vulgar' view of the Garter rather than one devoted to exalting and honouring the order.
Wearing their blue velvet robes and black velvet hats with white plumes the Royal Garter Knights walked past as 6,000 spectators gathered in the grounds of the castle cheered.
And this isn't just for show, they get dolled up in secret in the Garter Throne Room before undergoing a strange ceremony which dates back to the 12th century.
POLLY Garter - one of the cast of colourful characters from Dylan Thomas' classic Under Milk Wood - has become the unlikely target for militant feminist lesbians.
Washington, Feb 11 ( ANI ): Boosting the estrogen levels of male garter snakes triggers them to secrete the same pheromones that females use to attract suitors, and turns them into just about the sexiest reptile on the block - attracting dozens of other males keen to mate.
Summary: Prince William has taken part in a procession through the grounds of Windsor Castle with Knights and Ladies of the Order of the Garter.
Prince William and his new bride Kate Middleton joined other members of Britain's royal family for the historic Garter Day service on June 13, 2011 in Windsor, England.
THE Duchess of Cambridge caused her husband to blush when the newlyweds shared a private moment as members of the Royal Family took part in the historic Garter Day service.
Sir Gordon Richards, on Rashleigh, came round the bend with two horses between him and the rails - Garter (Bill Rickaby, Lester's cousin) and Dragon Fly (Doug Smith).
In response to Martha Boyd's request for information about garter snakes in relationship to chickens and rats in the January/February issue (in "Garter Snakes for Chickens," Mail Call), we would like to submit the following.
THE Queen joined Garter Knights for their annual service yesterday but without Baroness Thatcher who remains in hospital.
He was pictured at the time removing her garter with his teeth as Britney squealed with delight.
In contrast, he says, although the common garter snakes that he studies eat poisonous newts and the poison lingers in their bodies, they don't sequester it in special glands.
If you are doing beautiful dancing, you don't want to suddenly come across with this blatant slapstick moment that cheapens the whole thing," says Garter.