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garnish with (something)

To ornament or embellish something with something else. Often done with food. A noun or pronoun can be used between "garnish" and "with." People often garnish ham with pineapple slices.
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garnish something with something

to embellish or decorate something, such as food, with something. For the final presentation, I will garnish the dish with a sprig of parsley. The roast was garnished with slices of apple.
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5) EMBRACE COMPOUND GARNISHES. A cherry speared with a pick to a lemon or lime wheel is the most common compound garnish, Hartai said, "and it's pretty boring." If you can introduce another color or shape to the garnish, such as an olive stuck in a lime peel curl, it becomes more appealing.
Remember that cocktail garnishes are all about the glass, color and contrast.
"When garnishes are out of the ordinary, they grab attention.
Although many creative garnishes cost more than a simple twist or plain olive, most bartenders opt not to charge extra for these drinks.
With all the excitement surrounding garnishes, it's easy to lose sight of what's important: the drink and customer satisfaction.
Over-the-top cocktails don't really require fantastic garnishes, while those that are more straightforward can benefit from a fanciful touch.
Though citrus wedges, wheels and twists are standard cocktail garnishes, getting the real value out of citrus is more difficult than just lobbing off a slice.
Garnishes lately have been reaching new highs and lows.
Although there's no hard and fast rule on what garnishes to stock, most bar experts agree that fresh lemons, limes and oranges are indispensable.
"The bar is an extension of the kitchen, and just as a chef is always in tune with what's coming up seasonally, bar managers need to pull in seasonality for produce garnishes."
An important part of the modern bar repertoire, cocktail garnishes deserve as much thought and care as the cocktail itself.
Foxwoods ups the ante on garnishes at Mezz, its new ultralounge opened in January, with five "Jewels of the Mezz" cocktails featuring jewels as garnishes.
DeGroff reports that he has been asked to garnish the cocktail with oysters and clams, while Steve Montgomery, owner of Starboard in Dewey Beach, DE, says of the garnishes on his Bloody bar, "People throw it all in.
Meanwhile, Harrington has definite opinions even on the most traditional of garnishes. "One olive in a Martini is OK if you're going for a minimalist or iconic look, I'm happy with two, three olives is going overboard," he says.