garner in

garner something in

 and garner something up
to take something in and store it; to harvest something in and store it. (Originally referred to grain stored in a granary.) Will they garner the crop in on time this year? They had garnered in the entire crop by late October.
References in classic literature ?
At a certain season of the year, when the fruit of the hundred groves of the valley has reached its maturity, and hangs in golden spheres from every branch, the islanders assemble in harvest groups, and garner in the abundance which surrounds them.
The protests intensified last week after another grand jury in New York cleared police officer Daniel Pantaleo who killed 43-year-old Eric garner in a chokehold.
One of the bullets that struck Garner in the chest pierced his heart.
Brittany ran into Garner in the theater's bathroom before the film began and the two leading ladies gave each other big hugs.
In addition to his historical account of the Garners, Weisenburger explores the stories, sermons, poems, and myths that proliferated about Garner in the 1850s.
By providing the tools needed to better schedule and execute new orders, OnTrack will assist Leach & Garner in delivering improved customer service.
Fletcher beat Garner in their only meeting last year for the Mission League 200 title.