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garner in

To harvest or gather something and store it in some place or thing. A noun or pronoun can be used between "garner" and "in." I spent my youth garnering in crops on my grandparents' farm.
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garner up

To harvest or gather something and store it in some place or thing. A noun or pronoun can be used between "garner" and "up." I spent my youth garnering up crops on my grandparents' farm.
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garner something in

 and garner something up
to take something in and store it; to harvest something in and store it. (Originally referred to grain stored in a granary.) Will they garner the crop in on time this year? They had garnered in the entire crop by late October.
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But then ( Gossip Cop A pointed out that there's no truth toA the report that Garner's boyfriend taught the actor how to be a good parent.
The jury had heard that Garner killed his partner and then rang 999, telling the operator he had "murdered his missus".
North Wales Police attended the scene in Holywell soon after to find a blood-stained Garner, who appeared drunk, with officers later finding a blood-stained hammer in a nearby garden.
She said she had not mentioned it to anyone until the police visited her after the death of Teresa Garner.
However, a more recent source dished to ( Entertainment Tonight that things have gotten serious with Garner and Miller and that they "couldn't be happier" about the development.
In 2014, her father, Eric Garner, who was black, was stopped on Staten Island for selling untaxed cigarettes and died after a white police officer subdued him with a chokehold.
Garner earned his Juris Doctor from Tulane Law School where he served as a member of the Board of Editors and as managing editor of the Tulane Law Review.
Effective 1 February 2016, Dr Garner will take up the new role and responsibilities and will relocate to Sydney in the New Year.
"No sum of money can make this family whole, but hopefully the Garner family can find some peace and finality from today's settlement," Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.
Officers searched the home Garner shared with his mum in Stanley, County Durham, in an attempt to find the set the sharpener belonged to but failed to locate it.
And, as Garner's death shows, such force can be fatal.
Shirley Jones recalled that in the mid-1950s she arrived in Hollywood and landed the lead role in "Oklahoma!" Before location shooting began, she was invited by a photographer to join him for dinner with another promising young star -- James Garner. "I see this gorgeous man and I said, 'Oh, my!' He was very sweet.
"Further searching of the enclosure revealed that Mr Garner's body was in several pieces, with a great majority of the body having been consumed by the hogs," he added.
Garner's remains were found last Wednesday afternoon in a hog enclosure at his farm off Highway 42S, about two miles east of Bandon.
Lee Garner, pictured, was locked up for four years and told he could have killed his aunt Janet Richards in the fire he started at her home.