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common or garden

(used before a noun; sometimes hyphenated) Standard, unexceptional, or commonly found. Primarily heard in UK. That's just your common or garden house spider; there's no need to be concerned about its bite. I'm just looking for a common-or-garden mobile phone; I don't need anything fancy.
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COMMON You use common-or-garden to describe something of a very ordinary kind and with no special features. These are designer rain boots — not your common-or-garden wellies. He's just a common-or-garden petty criminal. The experiment itself is garden-variety science that normally would attract little public attention. Note: These expressions were originally used to describe the most ordinary variety of a species of plant.
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It reads like a familiar liberal version of the 95 Theses; but Carter is hardly a garden-variety liberal; and that gives his sermons some real credibility.
The rules ban auditor participation in tax-motivated transactions that the IRS has already identified as problematic, that must be kept secret or that do not meet the standard of having at least a 51% chance of being allowable, but also "preserve public companies' ability to look to the expertise of their auditor for garden-variety tax planning advice and compliance assistance.
And not your garden-variety New York City brand of evil, either, but something far more sinister.
These are the first clues that Sanders's novel is not going to be anywhere near being the garden-variety type.
We've come to expect that the garden-variety crook may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but fraudsters are supposed to be smarter, aren't they?
There's a little town on Spain's sunny Mediterranean coast that most American homosexuals (let alone garden-variety straights) have never heard of: Sitges (pronounced SEAT-jes).
Many EPLI claims are still being handled by attorneys who may be experienced panel counsel for garden-variety insurance claims, but are not trained in the complexities of labor law.
NEW YORK-Leafy looks, both island-worthy tropical and more garden-variety vegetation, have evolved from a trend into a staple for most buyers.
What we're seeing in the '00s is a garden-variety spending spree.
The scientists report in the July 18 New England Journal of Medicine that people carrying the gene for this version of the receptor seem to generate less inflammation as they rev up an immune response than do people who harbor the garden-variety gene for toll-like receptor 4.
Lowenstein's very useful encounter with Milton's anti-Irish, anti-Catholic Observations upon the Articles of Peace with the Irish Rebels (1649) establishes the garden-variety anti-Irish, anti-Catholic rage of Milton's "most disturbing prose work" (193).
And this isn't just your garden-variety SCAB, the kind you get when you fall down and scrape your knees or elbows.
Much of this, of course, is your garden-variety "emergency" dictatorial powers that have plagued the history of the executive branch of governments.
The information potentially available on any person may include garden-variety data, such as name, address, and telephone number.
Research often involves risks not associated with garden-variety clinical care.