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common or garden

(used before a noun; sometimes hyphenated) Standard, unexceptional, or commonly found. Primarily heard in UK. That's just your common or garden house spider; there's no need to be concerned about its bite. I'm just looking for a common-or-garden mobile phone; I don't need anything fancy.
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COMMON You use common-or-garden to describe something of a very ordinary kind and with no special features. These are designer rain boots — not your common-or-garden wellies. He's just a common-or-garden petty criminal. The experiment itself is garden-variety science that normally would attract little public attention. Note: These expressions were originally used to describe the most ordinary variety of a species of plant.
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Many EPLI claims are still being handled by attorneys who may be experienced panel counsel for garden-variety insurance claims, but are not trained in the complexities of labor law.
NEW YORK-Leafy looks, both island-worthy tropical and more garden-variety vegetation, have evolved from a trend into a staple for most buyers.
What we're seeing in the '00s is a garden-variety spending spree.
The garden-variety MRI device has a 1.5 Tesla magnet, roughly as powerful as the magnets used in junkyards to pick up automobiles.
Lowenstein's very useful encounter with Milton's anti-Irish, anti-Catholic Observations upon the Articles of Peace with the Irish Rebels (1649) establishes the garden-variety anti-Irish, anti-Catholic rage of Milton's "most disturbing prose work" (193).
And this isn't just your garden-variety SCAB, the kind you get when you fall down and scrape your knees or elbows.
Much of this, of course, is your garden-variety "emergency" dictatorial powers that have plagued the history of the executive branch of governments.
The information potentially available on any person may include garden-variety data, such as name, address, and telephone number.
Edward Kabak, an attorney for the New York-based Promotion Marketing Association Inc., called the Sunflower suit a "garden-variety tort case."
Research often involves risks not associated with garden-variety clinical care.
"Whether these products have any effect on garden-variety sadness or nervousness is not known.
That's what family physicians in West Yorkshire, England, reportedly are doing in a pilot program funded in part by Britain's National Health Service and a library charity Patients with garden-variety mental health complaints--the program is not intended for patients with severe psychiatric illnesses--are referred to a "bibliotherapisst" at a local library.
With the exception of four Green Party candidates, most people taking advantage of the system are still running as garden-variety Republicans and Democrats.
But ethics experts, geneticists, zeitgeist buffs, and even garden-variety pundits saw things differently.
As one of the organizations that fought to preserve the community gardens threatened by New York City's May auction ("Garden-Variety Politics" September/ October), we view their permanent protection as open space as a victory.