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garb (someone) in (something)

To dress someone in something in particular. On behalf of all your bridesmaids, you better not garb us in anything hideous for your wedding. It was pouring rain, so I garbed the kids in their raincoats and galoshes.
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garb someone in something

to dress someone in something. He hoped that someday he wouldn't have to garb his children in rags. She garbed herself in her finest clothes and got ready to meet her husband's family.
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"We would be looking for a left-footed player, ideally we'll bring Garbs back."
The GARBs are secured by a first lien pledge of general airport net revenues.
The 'A-' GARB rating reflects the airport's dominant position and limited competition within the diversifying and stable New Orleans MSA and state of Louisiana, with a nearly 100% O&D traffic base that has a proven resilience.
All outstanding GARB and PFC lien debt is fixed rate and fully amortizing.
Additionally, GARB DSCR is projected to fall to 1.3x (1.1x without rolling coverage) in 2019 from nearly 3.9x (3.6x) in 2017.
GARB DSCR grew to 3.9x/3.6x with and without rolling coverage in 2017, up from 2.9x/2.7x in 2016.
Our children have no new clothes yet and I don't even have my prayer garb for the Eid prayer,' she said.
'I don't even have a prayer garb,' she said as she put on an improvised prayer garb fashioned out of a duster.
The game features New Game+, which lets you keep most of your items, garbs, and stats, and gives you the chance see cutscenes you might've missed.
The garb system turns Light into a dress up doll that can be customized with equipment or changing color palette.
And you have Mel Gibson, Antonin Scalia, and now Pope Benedict XVI, who cloak the Catholic Church in the most confining garbs.