garbage down

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garbage something down

Sl. to gobble something up; to quickly swallow something down. Don't garbage your food down! That guy will garbage down almost anything.
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After signing a deal in December with a Michigan landfill company, Toronto intends to truck its garbage down the Highway 401 corridor to Republic Services Inc.
Or we have sweeping, taking garbage down to the dumpster, and picking up trash around the school.
we used to take our garbage down to the beach and let the high tide take care of it.
Men like Zakaria Zeki Mohammed and his two adolescent sons break the garbage down into base elements and make products they can sell.
For cooperative buildings that are fully owner-occupied, there is the possibility of not replacing the incinerator, carrying the garbage down and avoiding the cost of the compactor.
Summary: Television cameras caught a truck dumping garbage down the side of a valley near the Metn village of Baabdat Monday morning in no appreciably orderly way.
How many slobs shovelling fast-food garbage down their faces, and refusing to exercise because they can't be bothered?