garb in

garb (someone) in (something)

To dress someone in something in particular. On behalf of all your bridesmaids, you better not garb us in anything hideous for your wedding. It was pouring rain, so I garbed the kids in their raincoats and galoshes.
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garb someone in something

to dress someone in something. He hoped that someday he wouldn't have to garb his children in rags. She garbed herself in her finest clothes and got ready to meet her husband's family.
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The measure confirms Saudi rules in taking pride in the traditional cosume that is considered the main garb in the country, the report said.
Later, the book weaves through its early history and the golden age of the garb in the '50s, surf culture, and celebrity ambassadors.
In France, citizens cannot wear religious garb in public schools," said Congressman Stockman.
The exotic landscape of salt seems to have healing powers as the performer stretches out before shedding his garb in an adagio of trust.
FAST FACTS: Belgium has introduced a bill that would bar students and government employees from wearing religious garb in schools and offices.
So staff at places like Garb in Shelton Square and Wish in Hertford Street have been in the know about up-and-coming streetwear styles for some time.
State law prohibits Pennsylvania's government school teachers and certain other professional school employees from wearing religious garb in the classroom.
Helmut Lang may guarantee your ticket to the hippest spots in London or New York, but the same garb in Bangkok or Cairo will, at the very least, land you in unsavory situations.
Church law states simply that clerics are to wear suitable ecclesiastical garb in accord with norms of the Bishops' Conference and local customs.
It said that clerics are to wear suitable ecclesiastical garb in accord with norms of the bishops, conference and local customs.
Well Garb in Shelton Square can truly profess to live up to its name.