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mind the gap

An audio or visual instruction used in the UK and Ireland to be careful stepping over the space between a train's carriage and the platform when boarding or disembarking. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Your train is now arriving. Please mind the gap.
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stand in the gap

To assume a position of active, resolute defense (for or against something). From Ezekiel 22:30: "And I sought for a man among them that should make up the hedge and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found none." We are all called to stand in the gap to defend what we know in our hearts to be morally correct and essential.
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credibility gap

The discrepancy between the lofty promises that a person makes and the resulting action or situation. The politician suffered a credibility gap regarding his claims about the economy's improvement because his constituents were still unable to find work.
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generation gap

The difference of opinions and attitudes, especially in relation to social changes and politics, that develop as each generation changes from the one before it. Attitudes toward gay marriage reflects a clear generation gap on the issue today.
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bridge the gap

1. Literally, to function as a bridge and connect two points. Don't worry, there are rocks bridging the gap up ahead—we can cross there.
2. To serve as a point of connection between disparate people or groups. I thought Senator Davis was working to bridge the gap between the parties on this controversial issue. A lingua franca is used to bridge the gap between people who do not speak the same language.
3. To alleviate the effects of a shortcoming, usually temporarily. I just need to borrow some money to bridge the gap until I get paid again.
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bridge the gap

1. Lit. to make a bridge that reaches across a space. The engineers decided to bridge the gap with a wooden structure.
2. Fig. to do or create something that will serve temporarily. We can bridge the gap with a few temporary employees.
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fill the gap

to serve temporarily. I think that the temp will fill the gap until a new person can be hired.
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credibility gap

Distrust of a public statement or position, as in The current credibility gap at City Hall is the result of miscommunication between the mayor's office and the press . This term originated about 1960 in connection with the American public's disinclination to believe government statements about the Vietnam War. It soon was extended to individuals and corporations as well as government agencies to express a lack of confidence in the truth of their statements, or perception of a discrepancy between words and actions.
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gender gap

A broad difference between men and women, as in There is still an enormous gender gap in the wages of unskilled labor. This expression at first referred to the difference between men and women in voting preferences. It has since been extended to other areas. [1970s]
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generation gap

A broad difference in values and attitudes between one generation and another, especially between parents and their children. For example, There's a real generation gap in their choice of music, restaurants, clothing-you name it . [1960s"
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stop a gap

serve to meet a temporary need.
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bridge the ˈgap (between A and B)

(also bridge the ˈgulf (between A and B) less frequent) make it easier to move from one thing to another or for two groups to communicate with each other: The hostel helps to bridge the gap between prison and life on the outside.
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2] gaps respectively among them , 6 tree species were in common between three gap levels .
Among graduates: - 86% say there are "some gaps" and 9% "significant gaps" in business maths - 68% report some and 14% significant gaps in writing for business - 75% said there were "some skills gaps" m customer service/care -68% reported gaps in interpersonal skills.
During uptrends, the breakaway and runaway gaps usually provide support below the market on subsequent market dips; during downtrends, these two gaps act as resistance over the market on bounces.
Accountability gaps -- where the speaker and addressee misunderstand each other regarding their respective responsibilities associated with the communication
Chairman, recently attention has focused on the so-called tax gap and what connection, if any, the tax gap may have to fundamental tax reform.
The 5-kilometer-long gaps turned up in images taken by the Cassini spacecraft on July 1, 2004, as it slipped through the rings before settling into orbit around Saturn.
In other words, their gaps might change after the snap, depending on the blocking scheme.
You have a point, but mock-approaches to gaps are nothing new and are an important physical and mental preparatory device.
In Chapel Hill, the third-grade math achievement gap was 41 percentage points in 1998, compared to 39 percentage points in 2002.
Note that these raw black-white gaps, while sizable, are substantially smaller than those observed in earlier data sets for children of the same age.
Small canopy gaps created by the mortality of one or a few overstory trees are currently the primary form of disturbance in many eastern deciduous forests (Runkle 1990).
And I used to make a lot of money, when I first started, just playing gap and crap.
Despite the recent unfavorable economic and intergovernmental aid environment, the city has closed budget gaps and achieved consistent operating surpluses for 13 consecutive years, including the fiscal year just completed.
There are at least eight gaps women must overcome in order to retire well that men never face.