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gape at (someone or something)

To stare at someone or something in surprise, typically with the mouth open. I have some great pictures of the kids gaping at the giraffes at the zoo. It probably wasn't the best reaction, but I was so shocked that I could only gape at Mary when she told me she was pregnant.
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1. obsolete Something that is so strange, interesting, or unexpected that it causes one to stare with one's mouth open. A: "I think that seeing a horse in our kitchen certainly counts as gapeseed, don't you?" B: "Uh, indeed. Where is the stable boy?"
2. obsolete Someone who gapes or gawks at something. Show some respect—don't be a gapeseed.
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gape at someone or something

to stare at someone or something in wonder. Don't just stand there, gaping at me. Come in. Stop gaping at the storm clouds and get in here.
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Oysters were clamped closed at the ventral shell margin using 2-inch binder clips while underwater to prevent normal ventilation and/or gaping, and placed on the laboratory bench at 25[degrees]C.
But where Matta-Clark was interested in large-scale meta-architectural projects (or, as he called them, "anarchitecture"), Swartz is more of a miniaturist, entering with small incisions rather than gaping holes.
In another far-fetched scenario in 10.5, the gaping tip of a rupturing fault chases a speeding train before it swallows the doomed choo-choo.
To remedy this situation and to take advantage of what it sees as a gaping hole in the design software market, ICEM has launched a new concept design package called "ICEM Style."
Research of the Federal census and county court records would have filled gaping holes ha the family's history.
The Patriot Act does three things: First, it closes the gaping holes in our ability to investigate terrorists.
The LMDC released a statement saying the memorial "has made the gaping voids left by the towers' destruction the primary symbol of loss."
Witnesses at the scene say a silver Cherokee jeep used by American diplomats was completely destroyed by the blast, which left a gaping hole from what appeared to be a roadside bomb.
The production line worker ran out to find smoke pouring from a gaping hole in the roof of their Eastern Avenue home.
Even McNelly criticized the books for failing to teach creationism, calling it "a large gaping hole in the books." He asserted, however, that the books should be adopted with the understanding that teachers could supplement them with instruction about creationism.
How can you yelp "deterioration" after gaping at (1) the endless procession of superstars such as Shaq, Kobe, McGrady, Duncan, Garnett, etc., (2) the high school kids turning into titans, without any stop-overs in the NCAA, and (3) the way basketball has moved behind soccer as the #2 sport in the world.
After living with overgrown juniper bushes in our front yard for six years, we managed to yank them out last fall, leaving a big gaping trough bordering the lawn.
A couple of years ago, Arctic explorers noticed gaping leads near the North Pole itself.
By taking out a Chicken Man or a Tony Six Knuckles, hit men help to expose gaping holes in the security system, holes that can then be patched, usually by other people named Chicken Man or Tony Six Knuckles.