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gape at (someone or something)

To stare at someone or something in surprise, typically with the mouth open. I have some great pictures of the kids gaping at the giraffes at the zoo. It probably wasn't the best reaction, but I was so shocked that I could only gape at Mary when she told me she was pregnant.
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1. obsolete Something that is so strange, interesting, or unexpected that it causes one to stare with one's mouth open. A: "I think that seeing a horse in our kitchen certainly counts as gapeseed, don't you?" B: "Uh, indeed. Where is the stable boy?"
2. obsolete Someone who gapes or gawks at something. Show some respect—don't be a gapeseed.
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gape at someone or something

to stare at someone or something in wonder. Don't just stand there, gaping at me. Come in. Stop gaping at the storm clouds and get in here.
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There are a number of dewormers available for treatment of gape worm in its early stages before the physical blockage of the trachea and bronchi occurs.Incidence of the disease in Kenya, however, appears low or under-reported.
If the MS222 had a lingering effect on tadpoles from the surgery treatment, we would have expected to see that effect manifested in a slower gape cycle, whereas we observed the opposite.
Larger spines may augment total body length to the point where it exceeds predator gape size resulting in an overall reduction in available prey (Kolar et al 1997).
Often, the sampling scale is on the order of minutes to hours, which is often too long to identify changes in physiologically relevant parameters such as changes in valve gape or area of the exhalant aperture.
Mrs Gape suffered whiplash and a stiff arm during the attack.
Filter-feeding bivalves are able to sense the presence of suspended food particles in the ambient water, and this sensitivity is reflected in the gape of the valves (Jorgensen 1975).
Kgosi o ne a bua gape ka bangwe ba ba tlang go batla ditiro a re go lemotshegile gore bangwe ba felela ba inaakanya le ditiro tsa botlhoka tsebe.
O ne a tlhalosa fa a tshwenngwa gape ke bogodu jwa motlhaba jo bo diragalang bosigo, a kaya fa bo golela pele, e bile bo senya motse ka go sala go le dikhutikhuti.
O ne gape a rotloetsa setshaba go ikgolaganya le ofisi ya OSET go kopa dithuso ka tsamaiso le go ikwadisa a re ba amogela mongwe le mongwe.
Young barn swallow gapes vary from a greenish yellow to bright red, depending on the abundance of carotenoid pigments.
E re le ntswa ke le motho yo ratang temo ka go bo batsadi ba me ba nkgodisitse ka yone, ISPAAD e ntsile matshediso ka jaana ke sa lemele fela go itshetsa mme jaanong ke fepa leruo lame mme e bile gape ke dira temo e le kgwebo,' ga bolela Rre Sethibenyane.
The din compensates for the cuckoo's less stimulating small gape, and the parent warblers feed it generously.
Kgagaripa a re go le gantsi borre ba ba rontshiwang tshwanelo ya go bona bana ba bone ke ba nang le itsholelo e e kwa tlase, a tlhalosa gore pina ya bone e rotloetsa bomme, batsadi le borre go itse fa botshelo e le leoto la koloi bo dikologa ebile gape rre mongwe le mongwe a na le tshwanelo ya go bona ngwana wa gagwe ntle le gore o tshela botshelo jwa mofuta mang.
The males "do kind of a `dry heave' behavior where they open their gape and gasp," Wheelwright explains.
Rre Seoke a re moswi o ne a ya go dira dithuto tsa gagwe tsa boruti kwa Aferika Borwa mme a di tsweledisa gape ka dingwaga tsa bo 1960-1963.