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gape at (someone or something)

To stare at someone or something in surprise, typically with the mouth open. I have some great pictures of the kids gaping at the giraffes at the zoo. It probably wasn't the best reaction, but I was so shocked that I could only gape at Mary when she told me she was pregnant.
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gape at someone or something

to stare at someone or something in wonder. Don't just stand there, gaping at me. Come in. Stop gaping at the storm clouds and get in here.
See also: gape
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Rre Makhura o ne gape a bua a sa kgale mathe mo ganong ka tiego ya dituelo tsa ba ba tlogelang tiro ka bogodi kana ka mabaka a fe fela.
Interestingly, the impact of the surgery was not restricted to only the closing of the jaws, but rather impacted the entire gape cycle.
affinis gape size was smaller than the total length of large sized individuals of both Daphnia species, one would expect large prey to be rejected more often than medium prey (Zaret 1980).
Often, the sampling scale is on the order of minutes to hours, which is often too long to identify changes in physiologically relevant parameters such as changes in valve gape or area of the exhalant aperture.
The bag contained pounds 15 cash but Mrs Gape said the only thing she wants returned is a metal disc, sent to her by her late husband Terry, which she has carried around for more than 50 years.
Next, in field studies we examined the interactions between water flow, near-bed phytoplankton biomass and valve gape opening-closing response times of mussels in a dense bed.
Young barn swallow gapes vary from a greenish yellow to bright red, depending on the abundance of carotenoid pigments.
The din compensates for the cuckoo's less stimulating small gape, and the parent warblers feed it generously.
The males "do kind of a `dry heave' behavior where they open their gape and gasp," Wheelwright explains.
To minimize the energy cost of pumping water through their lophophores, he discovered, small brachiopods open their shells to a wide gape.
YES MIKE GAPES MP Member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee THERE have never been any easy or risk-free options in Syria.
The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Mike Gapes, said it was "not acceptable" that Mrs Beckett had not given evidence to his committee ahead of next month's EU summit.
Nine members of the British Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee are visiting Hong Kong and China this week to gather information on political, social, economic and foreign policy-related issues, committee chairman Mike Gapes said Tuesday.