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gape at someone or something

to stare at someone or something in wonder. Don't just stand there, gaping at me. Come in. Stop gaping at the storm clouds and get in here.
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For each particular mussel the valve gapes were standardized to the observed maximal valve gape of the mussel during the particular time-series.
Mrs Gape, a former social worker, says it was very dark and foggy and she didn't even see her attacker until he grabbed her shoulder.
These results should not be interpreted to undervalue the utility of a valve gape sensor when set to an appropriate task.
For the gaping study, repeated-measures analysis of variance was performed to determine whether Crassostrea ariakensis and Crassostrea virginica gape width differed during the first 72 h of hypoxic exposure and whether the pH of the ambient seawater surrounding oysters that were gaping was less than that of oysters that were not gaping.
I was surprised how well it actually works - it didn't gape at all and was really comfortable.
For example, if vascularization is denser near the gape, medial flange tissue may simply be exposed to more circulating carotenoids.
But, Swinton Rugby League remembered him as John Jones from Swansea and York RL as Trooper Gape, a Welshman in the Army and supposed Boer War veteran.
GAPE initially came out of Google's consumer product line.
However, in this case, the suitors are giant barbarian mercenary half-brothers Groan and Gape Teethgrit from The Ratastrophe Catastrophe.
lumholtzi as a food source when gape limitation occurs, as in the case of juvenile fishes (Lemke et al 2003).
But a new digital divide will gape before us if broadband access costs an additional $40 per month per household.
Gape as you realize Browne considers this behavior appropriate to exhibit in front of a camera crew
She invented and patented a perfect button configuration, paired with a smooth placket that eliminated blouse gape.
He clarified that only two weeks of gape took place in the study of students and it can easily be recovered within few days adding that various associations of private schools had also been called on to have detail discourse with them over two or three weeks gape in student's studies in schools.
But the huge hole that gapes in the heart of Rome these days along Via dei Fori Imperiali, between the Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum, was dug in a deliberate search for a piece of the city's past.