gank (something)

slang To steal or seize something. Hey man, don't just gank my headphones—ask me if you want to use them. I heard she got arrested for ganking a lipstick from the corner store.
See also: gank

gank something

tv. to steal something. Who ganked my bike!
See also: gank, something
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Dad, Nan and Gank, and Gary love you to Heaven and back.
While playing offlane, you will most of the time be far away from the protection of your tower, so going for a 'Durable' hero that has better chances to protect itself against an enemy gank is recommended.
Opponent heroes missing from their respective lanes on the minimap could mean they're preparing for an ambush or gank.
Taiwanese motherboard specialist Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) this week announced the release of its L337 GANK Drone gaming motherboard for Intel fourth-generation Core processors.
Summary: ECS announced the launch of its GANK Drone series of motherboard for high-definition gaming and more
Let us start off with the ECS Z87XH3-A2X Extreme which is also called the Gank Machine.
Support tasks include putting down sight wards to detect enemy gank attempts, healing teammates and
James McFadden, who was very poor in the first half, and Garry O'Connor started the game, but by the end Cameron Jerome, who again impressed down the right Gank after replacing the injured Mehdi Nafti, Marcus Bent and Phillips were thrown into action, and all made telling contributions.
And he appears laced with belief the little-fancied Slovenians are about to embark on another Champions League run - two years after shocking Europe with wins over Gank, Lyon and Dynamo Kiev.
Do our special handshake with Gank, he hasn't done it for a while.
Thank you for everything you have done for us all and for being such a fabulous Gank to Rachel and James.
Also the dear grandad Gank, Baba of Zack, Elliot, Emily (deceased), Faith and Jacob.