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from which the resin has not been extracted, including Cannabis americana, hashish, bhang, guaza, churrus and ganjah, and embraces every kind, class and character of Indian hemp, whether dried or fresh, flowering or fruiting tops of the pistillate plant, and all its geographic varieties, whether as a reefer, resin, extract, tincture or in any form whatsoever.
The Sultanate's pavilion structures were complemented by a stylised glass enclosure reminiscent of the prow of a Ganjah, one of the largest and most beautiful of traditional Omani sailing ships.
The Omani pavilion, themed "An Evolving Journey", highlights Ganjah, one of the largest and most beautiful Omani sailing ships; an exhibit of traditional Omani villages, cities, forts, monuments, deserts, mountains, wadis, and ports and the unique geographical diversity of Oman.
He also added: Eoe1/4EoDuring my one-and-a-half years in the model training programme, I built a model of Zinat Al Bahr and a Ganjah. These were large models and both are now on display at the Maritime Museum in Salalah.