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run the gamut

To cover or extend across a wide and varied range. The tech company's products run the gamut from home appliances to computer modules for spacecraft.
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run the gamut of (something)

To cover or extend across the entire, typically varied range of some category or type of thing. During the conference, presentations ran the gamut of topics about renewable energy, from reducing and reusing waste products in individuals' homes to harnessing natural resources not yet even imagined yet.
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run the gamut

to cover a wide range [from one thing to another]. She wants to buy the house, but her requests run the gamut from expensive new carpeting to completely new landscaping. His hobbies run the gamut from piano repair to portrait painting.
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run the gamut

Extend over an entire range, as in His music runs the gamut from rock to classical. This expression alludes to the medieval musical scale of Guido d'Arezzo, gamut being a contraction of gamma and ut, the lowest and highest notes respectively. [Mid-1800s]
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run the gamut

experience, display, or perform the complete range of something.
Gamut is a contraction of medieval Latin gamma ut, gamma being the lowest note in the medieval musical scale and ut the first of the six notes forming a hexachord. Together, therefore, they represent the full range of notes of which a voice or an instrument is capable.
1996 Europe: Rough Guide Russia's hotels run the gamut from opulent citadels run as joint-ventures with foreign firms to seedy pits inhabited by mobsters.
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run the ˈgamut of something

experience or describe a range of something: This poem runs the gamut of emotions from despair to joy. Gamut originally referred to a complete scale of musical notes or the range of a voice or a musical instrument.
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Comparing the results through the offset print gamut volume segment and the one based on electrophotography with liquid toner it may be concluded that there is a growing convergence when it comes to environmentally favorable materials.
Beside output devices, a visual characteristic of image that is being reproduced also influences how an image will be reproduced by different gamut mapping algorithms.
Device was calibrated and characterized in the way to enable the largest gamut possible with given combination of paper and ink.
Large errors in chroma are present mostly for orange, dark blue and green colors, which are out of printer gamut.
The reason for that is the fact that CRT monitor's gamut is larger than printer's gamut (Tab.
The quality of their reproduction will mostly depend on improved gamut mapping algorithms, which will be the subject of our future research.
The gamut of colors that can be reproduced depends on the substrate being printed, the colorants used in the inks and the printing process being used.
We will discuss the testing and measurement protocols that have been developed, the color gamut information that has been obtained, the status of the standards activities related to color characterization and the direction of the future work.
plot which shows the color gamut for SWOP proofing.
Figures 3 and 4 show the comparison in color gamut and lightness vs.
a detailed survey of 90+ gamut mapping algorithms covering color-by-color reduction and expansion, spatial reduction, spectral reduction and gamut mapping for niche applications;
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A case study: minimum color difference gamut clipping
GAMUT Systems, LLC is a solutions provider that integrates POS peripheral products with emerging technologies, such as our newly released IN-STORE suite of products, and our custom designed and manufactured stands for kiosk and payment terminals.