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run the gamut

To cover or extend across a wide and varied range. The tech company's products run the gamut from home appliances to computer modules for spacecraft.
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run the gamut of (something)

To cover or extend across the entire, typically varied range of some category or type of thing. During the conference, presentations ran the gamut of topics about renewable energy, from reducing and reusing waste products in individuals' homes to harnessing natural resources not yet even imagined yet.
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run the gamut

to cover a wide range [from one thing to another]. She wants to buy the house, but her requests run the gamut from expensive new carpeting to completely new landscaping. His hobbies run the gamut from piano repair to portrait painting.
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run the gamut

Extend over an entire range, as in His music runs the gamut from rock to classical. This expression alludes to the medieval musical scale of Guido d'Arezzo, gamut being a contraction of gamma and ut, the lowest and highest notes respectively. [Mid-1800s]
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run the gamut

experience, display, or perform the complete range of something.
Gamut is a contraction of medieval Latin gamma ut, gamma being the lowest note in the medieval musical scale and ut the first of the six notes forming a hexachord. Together, therefore, they represent the full range of notes of which a voice or an instrument is capable.
1996 Europe: Rough Guide Russia's hotels run the gamut from opulent citadels run as joint-ventures with foreign firms to seedy pits inhabited by mobsters.
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run the ˈgamut of something

experience or describe a range of something: This poem runs the gamut of emotions from despair to joy. Gamut originally referred to a complete scale of musical notes or the range of a voice or a musical instrument.
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run the gamut, to

To extend over the entire range. The word gamut comes from Guido of Arezzo’s scale, a contraction of gamma, representing the lowest note of the medieval scale, G, and ut, the first note in any given scale (later called do). Acid-tongued Dorothy Parker was quoted as saying of actress Katharine Hepburn’s stage performance in The Lake (1933), “She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B”—that is, a very limited range of emotions.
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Somewhat lower gamut decrease is obtained for the surface 1.
Gamut mapping is commonly performed in 2D coordinate, such as CIE-[C.sup.*][L.sup.*] or CIE-[a.sup.*][b.sup.*] coordinates [3].
A son of Spectrum, Gamut descends from an established Ballymacoll Stud family and is closely related to the smart Geoffrey Freer Stakes winner Multicoloured.
Although many items factor into daily expenses for any print operation, reduced ink consumption in today's tight economy adds up to a notable plus that goes directly to the bottom line, "The higher quality output provided by Luce inks' wider color gamut with more vivid, saturated color is sure to please all parties involved."
Sumitomo Electric and Sony anticipate a wide variety of applications forthis technology such as incorporation into advanced laser projectors with high luminosity and broad color gamut, as well as compact, light, energy-efficient laser projectors.
With a 70 per cent color gamut, the Nova display also delivers more natural colours than other types of screens, including less vivid retina displays with a 53 per cent color gamut and oversaturated Amoled displays with a 107 per cent color gamut.
This proceeding shows how the modern consumables behave in different printing product usage conditions by gamut overview of the prints aged in natural environment.
Comparing the results through the segment of gamut volume and the recycling efficiency of prints a certain correlation in which the variable conditions in the printing have an important role were noticed.
DALLAS, TX -- Art Couture Gallery attracted 500-plus collectors for its exhibition of works by artists Reza Sepahdari, David Dayan Fisher (of "National Treasure" and CBS's "Navy NCIS"), and other well-known talents represented by Gamut Fine Art Publishing.
Palmer's real estate career ran the gamut from land to industrial to office, and he personally represented some of the most prestigious corporate accounts in northern New Jersey, including Jaguar, Sharp, Grand Union and Cellular One.
Sony will be demonstrating extremely slim, approximately 3mm depth with 11inch and less than 10mm depth with 27inch (when thinnest part of the body is measured), next generation TV displays, with high contrast, wide color gamut, quick response time, incorporating OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology.
This Is All ranges the gamut of experience, from early friendships and thoughts on classical literature to simple amusements, teenage love, and the heady pleasures of sex.
Musical dynamics give the movement its impetus, with elements that run the gamut from wicked humor to poignant drama.
The presentation topics cover the gamut of critical issues, from marketing and practice growth to recruitment and retention.