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game out

1. To examine or investigate various possible scenarios, strategies, possibilities, etc., as to how something could be accomplished or may pan out. A noun or pronoun can be used between "game" and "out." We gamed the attack out from every conceivable angle. Analysts are gaming out the fallout from the senator's actions.
2. To no longer have a desire to play video games, especially as a result of playing for an excessive amount of time. Usually used in passive constructions. We played Mario Kart and Call of Duty until we were gamed out, then we stayed up watching Schwarzenegger films. Best sleepover ever. A: "I've just been feeling kind of gamed out recently." B: "Why don't you go read a book or go to the gym instead?"
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1. adjective Relating to the activities that precede the start of a sporting event. A six-hour pregame show is a bit excessive, isn't it? The pregame skate starts half an hour before game time.
2. verb, slang To drink alcohol before a social event, typically one where alcohol will also be consumed. Where can we pregame before the reception starts? We're trying to save money by pregaming before going to the bar.
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