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gamble (something) away

To lose or deplete the entirety of something through gambling. Please tell me you didn't gamble away our savings at the poker game tonight.
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gamble on (someone or something)

1. To risk an amount of money by betting on a particular person or outcome. If you gamble on the winning boxer, you'll make a lot of money tonight.
2. To predict or anticipate something. I'm hiding in the closet because I didn't gamble on my ex-boyfriend coming to this party too!
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take a gamble

To do something risky or attempt something that might fail in order for a chance at success, fortune, etc. I know I'm taking a gamble by starting a business in a recession, but I don't want to put off my dream any longer. The coach took a gamble by calling that play, but his team was able to score a touchdown, so it paid off.
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gamble on someone or something

1. Lit. to make a wager on something concerning someone or something. I wouldn't gamble on it happening. Don't gamble on that horse. You'll be sorry.
2. Fig. to run a risk by choosing or depending on someone or something. I wouldn't gamble on Ted's being able to come. I don't think he can. Don't gamble on Ted. I'm almost sure he won't come.
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gamble something away

to lose all of something by gambling. He gambled all his money away. He gambled away all his money.
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gamble on

1. To wager something on the outcome of some event: I gambled all my money on the first race. They don't like to gamble on poker games; they just play for fun.
2. To wager something on some participant in an event: I gambled $50 on my favorite horse.
3. To anticipate or foresee something: I didn't gamble on it raining, so I hadn't brought an umbrella.
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The global market for online gambling exhibited a strong performance through the years 2015 to 2018.
In Wolverhampton, the number of gambling businesses dropped from 55 to 50.
Legalizing internet and sports gambling will expand gambling in homes and on mobile devices and cellphones.
He is set to tell the audience: "Problem gambling is Britain's hidden epidemic.
For instance, the minimum number of gambling machines in one gambling house will increase to 15 machines.
Mr Johnson also told the PAC that in addition to collecting the gambling levy, the Gambling Authority also collected the Responsible Gambling Levy.
According to the DSM V, the nine criteria for having a gambling disorder include: 1) Increased tolerance (gambling more and more over a given period of time); 2) "Chasing" losses (increasing bets in order to recoup losses); and 3) Lies to cover up gambling.
The rate of 'problem gambling' has risen globally over the last few years.
Some people get hooked on the excitement of gambling, some use gambling as a way to fill an emotional void, while others turn to gambling out of desperation in difficult financial situations.
Psychological factors often also play a role in problem gambling. Near-misses - the experience of coming tantalisingly close to winning the jackpot but not actually winning - are common in many forms of gambling.
make it There are many reasons why gambling may become problematic.
tenmatwd pp Thin A Unfortunately, very few people with a gambling problem seek and access help.
tenmatwd pp Thin A1 Unfortunately, very few people with a gambling problem seek and access help.