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amber gambler

slang A driver who speeds through an intersection just before the traffic light is about to turn red. The middle (yellow) traffic signal is often referred to as being the color amber. Primarily heard in UK. If you keep being a reckless ambler gambler, you're going to get into a car accident soon enough! Why are you beeping at the car in front of you? Just because you're an amber gambler doesn't mean everyone else is. That fool amber gambler almost caused an accident!
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tinhorn gambler

A cheap, small-stakes gambler who boasts and dresses ostentatiously to seem more successful or skilled than they really are. An allusion to the dice game "chuck-a-luck," which features a chute, called a "horn," from which the dice are dispensed. More high-class leather horns were often substituted with makeshift tin ones, and thus cheaper, lower-stakes gamblers were known for their tin horns. He always wears the same three-piece suit and slicks his hair back like he's the Great Gatsby when he comes in to play, but everyone knows he's just a tinhorn gambler who taps out after losing a couple hundred bucks.
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tinhorn gambler

An unsuccessful player. In the dice game of chuck-a-luck, backroom players tossed the dice not with their hand but out of a small metal handheld cage called the “horn” (more upscale games used leather horns). Hence, the “tin horn” noun that became the “tinhorn” adjective when applied to nickel-dime gamblers. “Tinhorn” sounds as though it might also refer to a musical instrument, and composer Frank Loesser took advantage of that sound-alike association with “Fugue for Tinhorns” in his musical Guys & Dolls.
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Many gamblers also believe they can control the future, or that they "know" they're going to win the next poker hand or come up with the winning number at the roulette wheel.
The survey also reveals that among Aboriginal Albertans, problem gamblers and probable pathological gamblers are less educated than non-problem gamblers, although the majority of the study participants have graduated from high school and have received some post-secondary education or training.
The House version of the TCJA also mentioned that the limitation of netting gambling winnings applies not only to gambling losses, but also to other expenses related to all of the taxpayer's "gambling activities." This is contrary to AM 2008-13, as well as Mayo, which drew a fine distinction between "transaction" and "activity." It seems that the intent of Congress in drafting the new law was to use the terms "transaction" and "activity" interchangeably when it came to recreational and professional gamblers. As a result, nonwagering (i.e., business) expenses may only be deducted by professional gamblers, and not recreational gamblers, who historically have not been allowed to deduct personal expenditures under IRC section 262.
The police lodged a case against 37 identified gamblers, including two women and 60 unidentified suspects.
The All Party-Parliamentary Group on FOBTs has found that over PS3 billion of losses have been incurred by gamblers since the government launched its consultation into stake levels in October 2016.
class="MsoNormalChildren of compulsive gamblers are more likely to smoke, drink, and use drugs.
When completing his 2012 and 2013 federal income tax returns, he prepared a Schedule C, Profit or Loss From Business, with "professional gambler" shown as his business or profession.
Security sources told Kuwaiti daily Al Qabas that the authorities have noticed that Kuwaiti gamblers who lost heavily in casinos abroad and accumulated debts gave away their passports to borrow cash.
The research, commissioned by the charity GambleAware and carried out by PwC, found that problem gamblers were more likely to bet between midnight and 4am and to gamble throughout the week, as well as betting an average of PS98 and between five and 90 times a day.
The report found that 1.4% of gamblers, 400,000 people, were classed as problem gamblers - or 0.8% of the population.
LANDIKOTAL -- Political administration arrested eight gamblers in a raid conducted in Pirokhel area of Landikotal on Tuesday.
team raided a gambling den and arrested fifteen gamblers and recovered
Members of DAV Chapter 3, De Pere, Wise., were presented with a $20,000 check from the minor league hockey team Green Bay Gamblers following the Military Appreciation Night game.