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amber gambler

slang A driver who speeds through an intersection just before the traffic light is about to turn red. The middle (yellow) traffic signal is often referred to as being the color amber. Primarily heard in UK. If you keep being a reckless ambler gambler, you're going to get into a car accident soon enough!
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tinhorn gambler

An unsuccessful player. In the dice game of chuck-a-luck, backroom players tossed the dice not with their hand but out of a small metal handheld cage called the “horn” (more upscale games used leather horns). Hence, the “tin horn” noun that became the “tinhorn” adjective when applied to nickel-dime gamblers. “Tinhorn” sounds as though it might also refer to a musical instrument, and composer Frank Loesser took advantage of that sound-alike association with “Fugue for Tinhorns” in his musical Guys & Dolls.
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TOTALLY HOOKED: Compulsive gambling is an illness that most people don't recognise and (inset) Robbie Coltrane who portrayed a gambler in the TV series Cracker; COSTLY HABIT: Gamblers Anonymous offers regular therapy sessions
Some of the 96 gamblers were advised to go to Gamblers Anonymous but refused, saying that no one would know where to send their winnings.
It doesn't matter what the cause perhaps was, almost every compulsive gambler has the same results - financial, marital and legal problems.
Unless gamblers are aware that these transactions are treated differently from normal everyday purchases, they will be losing money hand over fist as the top rate of interest stacks up," said Richard Brown, chief executive of Moneynet.
If the compulsive gambler has not entered into a treatment program, chances are high that he/she has not been able to address adequately the thoughts and behaviors that can induce a relapse.
When you consider our amazing physical product combined with the most powerful marketing promotions in Atlantic City, we are excited to have gamblers come give us a second look.
Poker has arrived, again, after a long period of dormancy, and it's not just for riverboat gamblers anymore.
Prime-time shows once portrayed gamblers and casino operators as shady characters, but on NBC's Las Vegas Big Ed Deline (James Caan) and his crew of friendly hosts and hostesses are sweet, hardworking folks eager to provide their guests with an enjoyable and safe holiday.
INTERNET casino bosses are targeting gamblers anonymous websites to lure ex-addicts back to the table.
According to an article in The Outlook, "The more the facts become known as regards bribery and game-selling in baseball, the more evident it is that that professional gambler is at the root of the evil.
Eight per cent are problem gamblers and 17 per cent are probable pathological gamblers.
This means that a person diagnosed as a pathological gambler continually spends large amounts of time gambling at the expense of his or her social life, family, and/or job.
Montana problem gambler rates rose between the 1992 and 1998 studies.