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take a gamble

To do something risky or attempt something that might fail in order for a chance at success, fortune, etc. I know I'm taking a gamble by starting a business in a recession, but I don't want to put off my dream any longer. The coach took a gamble by calling that play, but his team was able to score a touchdown, so it paid off.
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gamble on someone or something

1. Lit. to make a wager on something concerning someone or something. I wouldn't gamble on it happening. Don't gamble on that horse. You'll be sorry.
2. Fig. to run a risk by choosing or depending on someone or something. I wouldn't gamble on Ted's being able to come. I don't think he can. Don't gamble on Ted. I'm almost sure he won't come.
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gamble something away

to lose all of something by gambling. He gambled all his money away. He gambled away all his money.
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gamble on

1. To wager something on the outcome of some event: I gambled all my money on the first race. They don't like to gamble on poker games; they just play for fun.
2. To wager something on some participant in an event: I gambled $50 on my favorite horse.
3. To anticipate or foresee something: I didn't gamble on it raining, so I hadn't brought an umbrella.
See also: gamble, on
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