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galvanize (one) into action

To induce or cause one to start doing something. We'd been trying to ignore the leak in our roof, but that torrential downpour finally galvanized us into action. Oh yeah, I returned those books today—the threat of a hefty library fine is what ultimately galvanized me into action.
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galvanize someone into action

Fig. to stimulate someone into some activity. The explosion galvanized Martha into action. We were galvanized into action by the storm.
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AZZ Metal Coatings said the purchase of Tennessee Galvanizing expands its North American network of metal coatings facilities that are able to provide a range of metal coating services from small piece goods to large components.
The bath temperature is a key parameter for the hot-dip galvanizing. It has a dominant influence on the thickness, structure, and phase composition of the coating.
He said the design of the statue and the complex shapes involved made galvanizing the steelwork for the 'Crouching Man' a unique project for Scottish Galvanizers, with every piece of the structure different.
An integrated rainwater collection and storage system, for example, enables rainwater to be recycled into the galvanizing process, eliminates run-off from the 2.5-acre site and minimizes the use of mains water.
The plant's current continuous galvanizing line can turn out 500,000 short tons of sheet.
Batch, or after-fabrication, hot-dip galvanizing is used in a variety of industries to protect a myriad of steel products.
Mick Jagger, area director at Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance in the north, said, 'Wedge Group Galvanizing has continued to achieve consistent growth during a difficult time for the UK steel industry.
The move follows a down-turn in the galvanizing market ( flagged up by chief executive Stephen Rankin last week ( and a decision by Metnor to create a "galvanising village" in Chesterfield.
Halpin says the proposed galvanizing line would benefit Algoma Steel.
The most weather-resistant galvanizing process is "hot-dipping." Nails and bolts treated with this process are labeled "HD." Unfortunately, the fasteners you're likely to find at home centers will be "hot galvanized" (HG) instead.
One of the world's leading corrosion protection companies has completed a unique conversion to lead-free galvanizing.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 7, 2019-AZZ to Acquire Tennessee Galvanizing to Expand Metal Coatings Facilities
announced it has reached a preliminary agreement to acquire Tennessee Galvanizing, a privately held company, based in Jasper, Tennessee.