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galvanize (one) into action

To induce or cause one to start doing something. We'd been trying to ignore the leak in our roof, but that torrential downpour finally galvanized us into action. Oh yeah, I returned those books today—the threat of a hefty library fine is what ultimately galvanized me into action.
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galvanize someone into action

Fig. to stimulate someone into some activity. The explosion galvanized Martha into action. We were galvanized into action by the storm.
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Hot-dipped galvanized steel commanded the largest share of Southeast Asia galvanized steel market, by product and expected to witness high growth during the forecast period mainly due to its low initial cost, low life-cycle cost, sustainability, and simpler production process.
This is in addition to the standard 10 year anti-corrosion warranty offered on the Galvanized chassis.
Hot-dip galvanized steel samples exhibited no signs of base steel corrosion after 40 cycles of the test.
A galvanized steel ammonia evaporator will weigh 3 times more than an aluminum evaporator having the same dimensions.
It's easy to confuse hot-dipped galvanized (HD) nails with two other lower-grade galvanized types: hot-galvanized (HG) and electroplated nails, which are shiny.
As winner in the sustainability category it used galvanized steel piles instead of concrete foundations to avoid damaging tree roots.
GalvaBar is continuously galvanized rebar with specialized alloy that provides the well-known corrosion protection of zinc and the added benefit of exceptional formability.
The 22 metre-high structure is made from cardboard tubes linked by galvanized steel joints and was a major attraction at the 2009 London Design Festival.
The two most common categories of wire on the market are black annealed and galvanized wire.
The structure consists of a steel beam, supported on steel columns, a welded steel deck, and the lightweight fabric covering stretched over a series of galvanized steel hoops.
For nails and bolts, you'll generally find galvanized and plated.
This cutting edge build added exceptional cultural value to the accompanying visitor centre, by re-imagining a standard flue stack as a galvanized work of art.
In partnership with the International Zinc Association and 13 supporting operators, the American Galvanizers Association has overhauled the Galvanized Rebar website,, while releasing a companion market-focused brochure and launching a technical service center.
Following a prolonged research and start-up phase, a galvanized scrap "de-zincing" operation is up and running, ready to start a steady production schedule.