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galvanize (one) into action

To induce or cause one to start doing something. We'd been trying to ignore the leak in our roof, but that torrential downpour finally galvanized us into action. Oh yeah, I returned those books today—the threat of a hefty library fine is what ultimately galvanized me into action.
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galvanize someone into action

Fig. to stimulate someone into some activity. The explosion galvanized Martha into action. We were galvanized into action by the storm.
See also: action, galvanize
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A new unit for hot galvanization (aluminizing) of 270 thou t/year productivity was installed in Fol-lansbee by joint American-Japanese company <<Willing-Nisshin>>.
After galvanization, the replaceable Holland AAR kingpin is precisely secured into the housing with a special nut and collet fastener, allowing the kingpin to remain removable and replaceable over the life of the trailer.