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at a snail's pace

Very slowly (as a snail is known to move very slowly). My research is moving at a snail's pace—every experiment I've tried so far has failed. We'll never get there on time with you driving at a snail's pace!
See also: pace

break into a gallop

Of a horse, to begin running (i.e. "galloping"). The inexperienced rider found herself clutching the reins when her horse broke into a gallop.
See also: break, gallop

at a snail's pace

 and at a snail's gallop
very slowly. Things are moving along at a snail's pace here, but we'll finish on time—have no fear. Poor old Wally is creeping at a snail's gallop because his car has a flat tire.
See also: pace

break into a gallop

[for a horse] to begin to gallop; [for a horse] to speed up to a gallop. The pony broke into a gallop, racing to get home. Near the stables, the horse broke into a fast gallop.
See also: break, gallop

gallop through something

1. Lit. [for a horse] to pass through something at a gallop. Her horse galloped through the garden and dumped her in the cabbages. A few horses galloped through the meadow.
2. Fig. to go through something quickly; to do or perform something rapidly and perhaps carelessly. Mike galloped through his song and left the stage in a hurry. Don't just gallop through your homework!
See also: gallop, through

at a snail's pace

COMMON If something is moving or happening at a snail's pace, it is moving or happening very slowly. The vote counting continues at a snail's pace but already clear results are emerging. The economy grew at a snail's pace in the first three months of this year. She was driving at a snail's pace, looking in every house. Note: You can also use snail's pace before a noun. Observers hope that the meeting will speed up two years of snail's-pace progress. Note: You usually use this expression when you think that it would be better if it went more quickly.
See also: pace

at a snail's pace

extremely slowly.
See also: pace

at a ˈsnail’s pace

(informal) very slowly: My grandmother drove the car at a snail’s pace.
See also: pace

at a snail’s pace

and at a snail’s gallop
mod. very slowly. Poor old Willy is creeping at a snail’s gallop because his car has a flat tire. The building project is coming along at a snail’s pace.
See also: pace

at a snail’s gallop

See also: gallop
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This time around, the former Sir Henry Cecil stalwart rode lead horse First Voyage as a hare for James Doyle to pass on Saturday's Group 1 Haydock Sprint Cup candidate on the short gallop.
Gallops of Oman has been an unforgettable experience.
Brigadier Abdulrazak Alshawarzi, Commander of the Royal Cavalry and Executive Director of Gallops of Oman, said, "We are delighted that the public turned up in such large numbers.
Apart from the all-weather gallop that winds it's way up from the bottom of the valley to the crest of the hill with it's stunning scenery, there is a schooling ground with fences and hurdles and that is complemented by two grass gallops.
It sharpens them up and I remember my father sending the great Mill Reef for a gallop at Newbury before his 1971 Arc success, as he hadn't had a race since winning the King George in July.
Gallops It is easy to say the record came too late now Gallops' lifespan can be viewed as an arc.
Gallops manage to be experimental without lapsing into drawn out self-indulgence.
In the first of the gallops, Dettori and Silca's Sister beat three companions and Bin Suroor was pleased.
It is admittedly math-y, but more than two years since Gallops released their first EP, they have managed translate what makes them such a brutally beguiling live act on to tape with some panache.
Malton is one of the four great training centres in Britain and there are about stable yards and permit holders who use these gallops.
Forge Sir Michael Stoute The son of Dubawi lit up the round gallop on the Limekilns and heads for the Listed Heron Stakes at Sandown on Thursday evening.
VVGALILEO Gold Hugo Palmer This Group 2 Goodwood winner shone in his workout on the Limekilns long gallop in preparation for the Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere on October 4.
The son of Dubawi gave Kevin Bradshaw an armchair ride on the round gallop and has some nice entries.
The Exning-based trainer runs Newmarket Equine Tours, which takes visitors on the Newmarket gallops for free as part of an all-day experience that also takes in a training yard, a visit to the National Stud and the British Racing School.
VVKASSBAAN Marco Botti Despite the presence of Botti's usual array of jockeys on the gallops, it was his spouse Lucie who upstaged them all when powering up the hill on the Kodiac juvenile who appears to have improved for his Newmarket debut.