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gallop through (something)

1. Literally, to travel on horseback very quickly through some place or area. (A "gallop" is a running stride by a horse.) My horse galloped through the countryside while I clung to the reins in terror.
2. By extension, to do something hastily and, often, sloppily. I can tell you galloped through this essay—look at all these spelling errors!
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galloping dandruff

slang Lice. Ugh, I'm so itchy—I really hope it's not galloping dandruff.
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walking dandruff

and galloping dandruff
n. lice. (see also pants rabbits.) The bum called his lice “walking dandruff.” I don’t know anybody with galloping dandruff—I hope.
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galloping dandruff

See also: dandruff, galloping
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To realize continuous monitoring of transmission line galloping in real-time, it is essential to adopt a proper power source for providing stable electric power supply.
The sever takes charge of storing and analyzing measurement data for the purpose of reconstructing the galloping track of the transmission line according to the algorithms provided in Section 3.
Algorithms for Reconstructing Galloping Track of Transmission Lines
Then the three-dimensional galloping track of the transmission line is captured via processing the acceleration data in the time domain.
The above algorithms have been encoded as software embedded in the remote monitoring station to execute measurement data storage, galloping track reconstruction, and WIMU working status control.
To verify the feasibility of the proposed on-line monitoring system, a series of experiments have been conducted at the State Grid Key Laboratory of Power Overhead Transmission Line Galloping (Zhengzhou, China).
A galloping testing machine, as shown in Figure 5, is used to generate different types of vibration, such as vertical motion, horizontal motion, and approximate circular motion.
Based on Sections 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3, the model of conductor galloping with three DOFs (out of plan) can be constructed by using the Hamilton principle [24], which is
Then, employing the Galerkin procedure, the motion equations of conductor galloping can be discretized to a three-DOF model.
The motion in the horizontal direction is much smaller than in the vertical direction for the conductor galloping movement trajectory from the field observations in transmission lines.
In some studies, only the vertical vibration is considered in order to discuss the galloping characteristics more conveniently for the more complex nonlinear dynamic problem after the conductor galloping has appeared.
Contrast Analysis of Different Models on Galloping Amplitude
In this section, without loss of generality, a typical conductor is selected to analyze the galloping characteristics by using the different models under the different factors.
Numerical integration method which is used to solve the galloping equations can be considered as a quantitative method, which may obtain more accurate results [27].
Galloping does not happen after every meeting, but at this time of year we do get regular requests."