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at a snail's pace

Very slowly (as a snail is known to move very slowly). My research is moving at a snail's pace—every experiment I've tried so far has failed. We'll never get there on time with you driving at a snail's pace!
See also: pace

break into a gallop

Of a horse, to begin running (i.e. "galloping"). The inexperienced rider found herself clutching the reins when her horse broke into a gallop.
See also: break, gallop

at a snail's pace

 and at a snail's gallop
very slowly. Things are moving along at a snail's pace here, but we'll finish on time—have no fear. Poor old Wally is creeping at a snail's gallop because his car has a flat tire.
See also: pace

break into a gallop

[for a horse] to begin to gallop; [for a horse] to speed up to a gallop. The pony broke into a gallop, racing to get home. Near the stables, the horse broke into a fast gallop.
See also: break, gallop

gallop through something

1. Lit. [for a horse] to pass through something at a gallop. Her horse galloped through the garden and dumped her in the cabbages. A few horses galloped through the meadow.
2. Fig. to go through something quickly; to do or perform something rapidly and perhaps carelessly. Mike galloped through his song and left the stage in a hurry. Don't just gallop through your homework!
See also: gallop, through

at a snail's pace

COMMON If something is moving or happening at a snail's pace, it is moving or happening very slowly. The vote counting continues at a snail's pace but already clear results are emerging. The economy grew at a snail's pace in the first three months of this year. She was driving at a snail's pace, looking in every house. Note: You can also use snail's pace before a noun. Observers hope that the meeting will speed up two years of snail's-pace progress. Note: You usually use this expression when you think that it would be better if it went more quickly.
See also: pace

at a snail's pace

extremely slowly.
See also: pace

at a ˈsnail’s pace

(informal) very slowly: My grandmother drove the car at a snail’s pace.
See also: pace

at a snail’s pace

and at a snail’s gallop
mod. very slowly. Poor old Willy is creeping at a snail’s gallop because his car has a flat tire. The building project is coming along at a snail’s pace.
See also: pace

at a snail’s gallop

See also: gallop
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He's able to run off what looks a fair mark of 133 in this 2m31/2f handicap chase as he was placed in Grade 2 company over hurdles as a novice last season, and being a strong galloper with a bit of scope he could improve for this code switch.