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go (one's) (own) gait

To pursue one's own interests. Don't worry about what your friends are doing—just go your own gait.
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go your (or your own) gait

pursue your own course. dated
1940 Herbert Read Annals of Innocence These are qualities to be enjoyed by non-poetic people: the poet must go his own gait.
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The control system of the hexapod robot sends the angular control signals to the eighteen DC motors, and variable gaits can be realized.
To find out how to generate the coordinate and flexible gait, the leg mechanism and neural control system of the legged animals were systematic analyzed [1-4].
In this study, a novel approach based on ANFIS is presented for the classification of gait cadence between the patients with ND disease and the healthy subjects.
The gait dataset used in this study was contributed by Hausdorff et al.
However, despite of the advantages the use of a treadmill brings for the study of animal locomotion, it can produce gait abnormalities.
The characteristic Parkinsonian gait pattern has several hypokinetic features including reduced stride length, velocity and step height resulting in short shuffling steps, associated with a flexed posture and poor arm swing (Peppe, Chiavalon, Pasqualetti, Crovato, & Caltagirone, 2007).
With age, gait can become slower with a reduced stride length and flat footed heel strike.
Manipulation in task constraints has previously been studied in gait coordination patterns or spatiotemporal gait parameters [34].
Since regularities of gait patterns are determined by neural and mechanical parameters such as cortical activity, muscular contractions and joint kinematics [31], it is expected that manipulating the cognitive demands in a walking task could affect inter-joint coordination due to the changes in joints' degrees of freedom (mobility).
Ramdya said that faster bipod gaits could mean that hexapod robots might be able to more quickly survey a disaster area or deliver packages to customers.
Six-legged insects, however, run fastest when using a three-legged, or "tripod," gait. This means they have three legs on the ground at all times--two on one side of their body and one on the other.
The appearance of difficulties in walking marks a critical point, such that assessment of gait speed has been described as the "sixth vital sign" with the potential to serve as a core indicator of health and function in ageing and disease.
Of the available physical performance measures, gait speed represents one that is suitable to be implemented in the standard clinical evaluation of older persons because it is a quick, inexpensive, reliable measure of functional capacity with high interrater and test-retest reliability.
This study arises from the need to provide solutions to the population of transtibial amputees, using simulation to provide information regarding the effect of amputation on the mechanical aspects of gait and responses to the use of a prosthesis.
In medical applications, acoustic tempos are frequently used in gait rehabilitation, with positive instantaneous and prolonged transfer effects on various gait characteristics.