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go (one's) (own) gait

To pursue one's own interests. Don't worry about what your friends are doing—just go your own gait.
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go your (or your own) gait

pursue your own course. dated
1940 Herbert Read Annals of Innocence These are qualities to be enjoyed by non-poetic people: the poet must go his own gait.
See also: gait, go
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GAiT is strategically important to the city because public transport is the city's mandatory responsibility.
The findings on how the insects shift their gait could potentially help robots move better, researchers say.
With age, gait can become slower with a reduced stride length and flat footed heel strike.
5 Langhorne P et al proposed a coordination exercise, gait training and treadmill supported training with electrical stimulation for imprint and enhancing the balance confidence and functional level of stroke patients.
Since regularities of gait patterns are determined by neural and mechanical parameters such as cortical activity, muscular contractions and joint kinematics [31], it is expected that manipulating the cognitive demands in a walking task could affect inter-joint coordination due to the changes in joints' degrees of freedom (mobility).
Our sensitivity analysis showed that dual-task gait was comparable with cognitive testing to predict incident dementia," said Dr.
A three-dimensional biomechanical gait analysis is the best way to understand the complex multifactorial gait dysfunction in patients with hemiplegia.
They put polymer drops on the flies' legs to cover their claws and adhesive pads and found they quickly began to use the bipod-like gait like the one discovered in the simulations, proving animals can adapt to find new ways of walking under different conditions.
Using a method called latent class analysis, the researchers examined trajectories of depression (defined as a score of at least 10 on the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale), slow gait (walking speed less than 1.
I've never had a newbuild home before but I can recommend Harlaw Gait as a great location.
The current study investigated the effect of age and PAD on gait mechanics using kinematics and kinetics in younger (<65 yr) and older ([greater than or equal to] 65 yr) patients with PAD and nondisabled age-matched control subjects.
Normal gait of the patients with falling on Normal walking, normal walking rapid, turn left rapid, turn right rapid, short steps, short steps rapid.
Gait disorders, balance impairment, falls, and fall-related injuries are also present in PD patients [1].
On the basis of Matsuoka's CPG oscillator, Kimura adopted two neurons: flexor and extensor muscles to simulate the movement of the nervous system of animals and to achieve quadruped robot gait control [16].
During the past decades, with the rapid development of sensor technology and the emergence of corresponding signal processing methods, a lot of research efforts have been devoted to providing a quantitative and long-term gait evaluation methodology [2, 8, 10, 11].