gain from (something)

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gain from (something)

1. To benefit from something. What did you gain from your time in college?
2. To obtain something in particular from some action or experience. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "gain" and "from." You'll gain a lot of experience from working in a fast-paced office like ours. I gained some peace of mind from finally telling the truth.
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gain something from something

to earn or achieve something from something. I hope you gain something worthwhile from all this. I know I will gain some valuable experience from this job.
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gain from something

to benefit from something. I hope you gain from this experience. What do you think I will gain from this?
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Even a cursory reading of IRC section 121 reveals that when Congress instituted it, the intent was to exclude the vast majority of personal residence gains from tax.
Currently, the 28% rate applies to long-term gains from collectibles and to a portion of the gain on certain qualified small business stock (Sec.
If you choose to average, you must do so the first time you report gains from a particular fund, and you must maintain that method for all future gains or losses from that fund." Calculate gains on fund shares using both FIFO and averaging methods to see which you should use when you prepare your tax return.
The single-tenant net-leased property has emerged as the best investment for sheltering gains from taxes.
Director, Division of Taxation,(2) held that capital gains from stock sales may constitutionally be apportioned where the stated purpose for the stock acquisitions and divestitures was to expand existing operations and enter new businesses.
1045, which established a special "rollover" procedure to help steer investments to "qualifying small businesses" Using the provision correctly, an investor (or groups of investors banded together to create a fund) can cut their tax bill by 30% to 60%, or defer taxes on gains from these sales for many years, creating a diversified portfolio of growth funds.
* For long-term gains and losses, a net loss from the 28% group (including long-term capital loss carryover) would offset any gains from the 25% group and, then, any from the 20% group.
The TRA '97 modified the income tax treatment of gains from the sales of principal residences.
Section 865 generally bases the sourcing of gains from sales of personal property, including stock, on the taxpayer's residence.
To the extent such built-in loss items offset the built-in gains from the receivables, there would be no amount subject to the built-in gains tax.
Beginning in 1993, however, net capital gains from the disposition of investment property no longer are included in the definition of investment income when determining the limit on the investment interest expense deduction.
For this purpose, passive income is income from dividends, interest, annuities, certain rents, royalties, and gains from the sale or exchange of stock or securities.
The Treasury Department and the IRS are considering whether previous guidance (including case law) for valuing inventory purchased for a lump sum should be modified and what, if any, safe-harbor rules for determining built-in gains from inventory should be implemented.
Capital gains from the sales of publicly traded securities (stocks or debt instruments traded on an established market) on or after August 10, 1993, may be eligible for the deferral.
Ralph has incurred capital losses from nonbusiness bad debts and would like to use these capital losses to offset capital gains from the sale of some of his properties.