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He felt the necessity of gaining a firmer footing, and turned towards the road by the shortest secant line.
For a whole hour the frigate kept up this pace, without gaining six feet.
But the zigzag course that this necessitated was placing such a heavy handicap upon me that my pursuer was steadily gaining upon me.
He tried one experiment after another as he felt himself gaining strength and it was Dickon who showed him the best things of all.
But all his gallantry, wit, and gaiety, all his graces and accomplishments, would have been of little or no avail towards gaining the fortress of my pupil, had not the impudent thief taken the precaution of gaining me over first.
For the balance of the day and all the following night we raced across that ochre wilderness with the pursuers at our back ever gaining upon us.
We were now picking up speed a trifle, and he was not gaining upon us so fast as at first.
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