gain from (something)

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gain from (something)

1. To benefit from something. What did you gain from your time in college?
2. To obtain something in particular from some action or experience. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "gain" and "from." You'll gain a lot of experience from working in a fast-paced office like ours. I gained some peace of mind from finally telling the truth.
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gain something from something

to earn or achieve something from something. I hope you gain something worthwhile from all this. I know I will gain some valuable experience from this job.
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gain from something

to benefit from something. I hope you gain from this experience. What do you think I will gain from this?
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"We have to correct, through formation, that idea that you go to a person to gain something from the individual," the priest said.
He added that if we want to gain something from this forum, we have to move forward and adding that the way to move forward is to decide the next meeting.
Instead of blindly following the pop culture, we should try to gain something from the western intellectuals and experts as well.
06 ( ANI ): BlackBerry has reportedly launched a tool that would allow BBM users to find new friends from their contact list and help the sinking smartphone company gain something from its last remaining options.
And if the young kids that are being trained by these two NGOs ( YUWA and Goal4Girls) gain something from it, if not become a professional footballer, I would be more than happy, she added."
The skeptic, the green warriors, and the stone-hearted can all gain something from its content, namely the concern for an intelligent, data-supported approach to combating environmental issues.
You have to gain something from it and they have to gain something.
"This time last season we were hammered 7-2 by Rhyl so we have come a long way and I'm hopeful we can gain something from next week's match at Belle Vue."
Sharon is hopeful her girls will gain something from the experience.
Three games without a goal mean that they need to gain something from this match to have any chance of qualifying for the knockout stages.
"But it was important for us, after those bad results at Bangor and Port Talbot, to gain something from this game."
And although the Windies managed to dismiss AB de Villiers for just 12, there was not enough time for them to try to gain something from the series, which South Africa won 2-0, especially on a docile pitch at the St John's Recreation Ground.
"The strong support of Middlesbrough Football Club and the partnership with Stockton Riverside College has allowed many young people from disadvantaged areas to gain something from the programme," said George Courtney, director of community projects at Middlesbrough Football Club.
Hopefully their game against Dundee will be on video so we can gain something from that.
"We hope people will gain something from it, and that they walk away knowing they contributed something, too," Kahle said.