gain on (someone or something)

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gain on (someone or something)

1. To begin to make up the difference between oneself and someone or something, so as to be at an equal level, status, or point of progress. If we speed up, we might be able to gain on the car ahead of us! The senator has led in the polls for most of this election campaign, but his opponent has been gaining on him in the last couple of weeks.
2. obsolete To improve one's standing with another person. She is clearly trying to gain on the king's affections, but to what end, I know not.
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gain on someone or something

to begin to catch up or move ahead of someone or something. We were gaining on them when they suddenly sped up. Our horse was gaining on the horse in front.
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gain on

To get closer to something or someone, often in pursuit; close a gap: Run faster—the stampeding cattle are gaining on us!
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