gain from (something)

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gain from (something)

1. To benefit from something. What did you gain from your time in college?
2. To obtain something in particular from some action or experience. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "gain" and "from." You'll gain a lot of experience from working in a fast-paced office like ours. I gained some peace of mind from finally telling the truth.
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gain something from something

to earn or achieve something from something. I hope you gain something worthwhile from all this. I know I will gain some valuable experience from this job.
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gain from something

to benefit from something. I hope you gain from this experience. What do you think I will gain from this?
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Profits were boosted by a pounds 6.3bn one-off gain from its sale of fund management arm Barclays Global Investors to US giant BlackRock, as well as a near-doubling of pre-tax profits at BarCap to pounds 2.5bn.