gain from

gain something from something

to earn or achieve something from something. I hope you gain something worthwhile from all this. I know I will gain some valuable experience from this job.
See also: gain

gain from something

to benefit from something. I hope you gain from this experience. What do you think I will gain from this?
See also: gain
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Those who have rolled over gains in the past may find the tax cost on their current homes so low that it throws the gain from a current sale well over the $500,000 threshold.
For example, the National Association of Realtors estimates that in 1993, the tax was paid by a mere 115,000 people, about 9 percent of those who had a capital gain from a home sale.
1231(a), if the property so qualifies, any net gain recognized on its sale is characterized as gain from the sale of a capital asset; any net loss is characterized as ordinary, subject to certain recapture provisions under Sec.
Because of California's high income tax rates, many clients will be subject to the AMT where they have a large amount of taxable gain from the sale of their business.
An individual or business taxpayer elects a section 1033 deferral simply by omitting a gain from its return for the year it realizes that gain as a result of an involuntary conversion.
Under regulations relating to the computation of gross foreign oil and gas extraction income (FOGEI), a stock loss is allocated and apportioned to the same class of income that would have been produced if there were capital gain from the sale.
Before the new regulations, capital gain was normally excluded from distributable net income (DNI), because most state laws excluded capital gain from trust income.
dollar, many taxpayers will have unrecognized section 987 gain from earlier years.
751 requires recognition of gain from "hot assets" as ordinary income.
This part of the tax code excludes the first $250,000 ($500,000 in the case of joint filers) of home sale gain from tax if certain conditions are met.
Fifth: Part of the gain from the developed project's sales, which is taxed at ordinary rates, should be allocated to the S corp to properly compensate the S corp for its development activities.
24, the IRS published final, temporary and proposed regulations regarding the exclusion of gain from the sale or exchange of a principal residence under IRC Sec.
Any remaining net short-term capital loss would then be applied to reduce any net long-term capital gain from each of the tax rate groups, starting with the 28% group.
The best reason for accelerating gain from a taxpayer's perspective is to absorb a capital loss or net operating loss (NOL) that is about to expire.
A single taxpayer who has owned and used a residence as a principal residence for two of the five years prior to its sale may exclude up to $250,000 of the gain from disposition of the property.