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blow the gaff

slang To talk about or reveal a private or secret matter. Primarily heard in UK. I can't believe you blew the gaff and talked about the plans for her surprise party right to her face! Don't tell your little brother anything you want to keep secret because he'll definitely blow the gaff.
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stand the gaff

Take severe criticism or other adversity in stride, as in If you can't stand the gaff, don't try running for office. [Slang; late 1800s]
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blow the gaff

If you blow the gaff, you tell people something which was supposed to be kept secret. He is certainly not the first minister to blow the gaff. Note: `Blow' here means `reveal'. In the 19th century, `gaff' was a slang word used to refer to dishonest behaviour which was intended to deceive people.
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blow the gaff

reveal or let out a plot or secret. British informal
The word gaff is recorded from the early 19th century, but its origins are uncertain.
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blow the ˈgaff (on somebody/something)

(British English, informal) reveal a secret: She didn’t want anyone to know where she had been, but her husband blew the gaff. OPPOSITE: keep mum
See also: blow, gaff
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Gaff seemed to be alluding to the slogans on his building supporting marijuana legalization.
The pack put in some useful work, offloading the ball from their own line to set up Tom Kill to score under the posts, converted by Jack Gaff.
Coventry scorers: Joe McLaughlin 11-2, Tim Metcalfe, Dave Foster 10, Mick Docker 9, Ashley Pointer 8, Sean McGuire 7, Karl Gaff, Chris Knapp 3.
Rather than looking at CCA-amended treatments, other investigators approached the GCA hardness issue by optimizing the design of the gaff used by the line workers.
The care a conscientious handler gives the gaff is matched only by his tactical support during the fray.
It is perhaps unfair to compare a first novel to the great modernist masterpiece, but Gaff Topsails borrows so heavily in certain areas that comparisons are inevitable.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, wrote to twit editors of a major magazine for business communicators for publishing this in their October, 1994, issue: "Panelists recounted numerous examples of gaffs caused by translation errors.
Based on a survey of a wide variety of colleges and universities where change is taking place, Gaff documents the key trends in the curriculum reform movement: higher standards and more requirements, tighter curriculum structure, emphasis on liberal arts and sciences subject matter, attention to teaching fundamental skills, freshman-year and senior capstone experiences, integration of knowledge across disciplinary boundaries, attention to global studies, cultural diversity, moral reflection, new pedagogy emphasizing active learning, and assessment.
We learned years ago, that it is possible if you remain calm, don't poke the fish prematurely with gaff or net, and wear it out before guiding it alongside.
There were 16 local youngsters on Dutch gaff ketch Tecla, 10 on Norwegian Bermudian ketch Prolific, four on UK gaff schooner Johanna Lucretia and six on Dutch gaff schooner Gallant.
It's Lawson gaff, so the former Celtic man is boss.
Divisions of the fleet included classic yachts, gaff riggers and historical skiffs reflecting the earlier days of the sport on the Harbour.
CANNONS were fired when a flotilla of Gaff Rig wooden boats sailed past Holyhead yesterday.
But try that lifestyle if you're a punter living in a housing estate in Paisley, instead of a rambling Highland gaff like theirs.
Mick Jagger's daughters, model Elizabeth Scarlett, 22, and 14-year-old Georgia May, were among the revellers at Rolling Stone Ronnie's pounds 12million Surrey gaff.