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slang Nonsense or foolishness. His explanation is just jibber-jabber and doesn't answer the question at all. Who cares what the tabloids say about us? It's all just jibber-jabber anyway.
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n. nonsense; gossip and chatter. There sure is a lot of gibber-gabber coming from your room, Jimmy.
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In an ethnographic study Maud van den Eijnden (1998) tracked a group of 15-20 ravers within the wider gabber subculture during a two-year period (1995-1997).
Faced with long odds of renewing a gabber that's averaging a 1.0 national rating this season, Warner Bros.
[4.] Gabber, E., Jacobson, M., Matias, Y., Mayer, A.
After "Tomorrow" was canceled, Snyder returned to his roots as a local news anchor in Gotham and had a gig as host of his own ABC Radio gabber.
Still, WB, already in talks with O'Donnell for a semi-recurring role on "Nip/Tuck," believes the outspoken gabber could be persuaded.
Being a mogul may be a magnet to attract other moguls--just as being a basketball star helped Magic Johnson attract other basketball stars to his (short-lived) talkshow, and Roseanne Barr managed to lure, well, other sitcom stars to her (short-lived) gabber.
The syndic stalwart had already sold the bejesus out of its Rachael Ray gabber, and with a declared 95% station clearance rate, what was the point of staying in Vegas?
Warners has sold the Ablow shot, to many of the Fox-owned stations along with a second season of "Tyra Banks"; Sony has sold the Behrendt gabber to the Tribune stations.
Cramer, who used to be partnered--some say straitjacketed--on the "Kudlow & Cramer" financial gabber, has come into his own as the galloping gourmet of the stock market, peppering his picks with withering analyses and occasionally pouring salt into the wounds of floundering companies.
To that effect Deathwish signed Australia's Jake Hayes to an undisclosed deal, while sister brand Shake Junt was able to finagle an endorsement from Lunatic Fringer (and fellow Down Under'er) Gabriel "Gabber" Summers.
To Michael Medved, the buffoonish gabber on talk radio, Eastwood's ending, combined with the supposed Oscar snub of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ," "illustrates Hollywood's profound, almost pathological, discomfort with the traditional religiosity embraced by most of its mass audience."
For those keeping score, that's him and Kader Sylla pro, Simon Bannerot, Gabbers, Justin Henry, Henry Gartland, Pedro Delfino, Tanner Van Vark and Fabiana Delfino still Scrambling as lowly amateurs.
"I had the luxury of Gabbers, who scored goals you need that striker.