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the gift of (the) gab

The ability to speak to others in a self-assured, persuasive manner. Alexis really has the gift of gab, so she should be the one to address the potential investors.
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1. verb To chat. Geez, she's been gabbing on the phone to her friend for an hour already.
2. noun Inane talk or gossip. Don't pay attention to what they're saying—it's all stupid gab.

have the gift of gab

 and have a gift for gab
Fig. to have a great facility with language; to be able to use language very effectively. (See also have a way with words.) My brother really has the gift of gab. He can convince anyone of anything. I don't talk a lot. I just don't have the gift for gab.
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gift of gab

Talent for verbal fluency, especially the ability to talk persuasively. For example, His gift of gab made him a wonderful salesman. [Late 1700s]
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the gift of the gab


the gift of gab

If someone has the gift of the gab, they are able to speak confidently, clearly, and in a persuasive way. He was entertaining company and certainly had the gift of the gab. Thompson has the gift of the gab and is a born communicator. He was a pleasant little man with spiked hair, a black pipe, and a great gift of gab. Note: This expression may be related to the Irish and Gaelic word `gab', which means mouth.
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the gift of the gab

the ability to speak with eloquence and fluency.
Gab , dating from the late 18th century, was an informal word for ‘conversation or chatter’. In Scotland it was associated with gab , an early 18th-century dialect variant of gob meaning ‘the mouth’.
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the gift of the ˈgab

(British English) (American English a gift of/for ˈgab) (informal, sometimes disapproving) the ability to speak easily and to persuade other people with your words: To be a successful sales executive you need the gift of the gab. Gab is possibly from the Irish word for mouth. The Irish have a reputation as good talkers.
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1. in. to chatter; to gossip. Can you stop gabbing just for a minute?
2. n. mindless chatter; gossip. Enough of this gab—on with the show!

gab room

n. a women’s restroom where women are said to chatter. She went to the gab room to powder her nose.
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the gift of gab

n. the ability to speak well in public; the ability to persuade people verbally; the ability to speak well extemporaneously. I wish I had the gift of gab. I’m just so shy.
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