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1. and fuzz man and fuzzy (tail) n. the police; a jail keeper; a detective. The fuzz is onto you. Tell the fuzz man I was out of town when the job was pulled.
2. and fuzzle in. to get drunk. They were just sitting there fuzzling away the day. He fuzzled and fuzzled like booze was going out of style.

fuzz man

See fuzz
See also: fuzz, man

fuzz station

n. a police station. He had to spend about an hour at the fuzz station, but nothing happened to him.
See also: fuzz, station


and fuzzled and fuzzy
mod. alcohol intoxicated. You are too fuzzed all the time to hold the job. Pack!
See also: fuzz


n. a man with a beard. (see also fungus-face.) A couple of fuzz-faces came in and asked for mustache wax.
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In his final session at the HP Technology Forum & Expo, Michael will present on "Smashing Web Apps: Applying Fuzzing to Web Applications and Web Services.
New fuzzing products released in 2011 included Defensics X and Universal Fuzzer, both of which were enthusiastically received by both current and new customers.
For more information on fuzzing and Codenomicon Defensics, visit www.
Negative software testing techniques like fuzzing use misuse cases to test software operability.
To read more about robustness testing and fuzzing LTE networks, see Codenomicon whitepaper at: http://www.
Codenomicon's fuzzing solutions complement the services provided by the SDL Pro Network by helping companies to integrate security and robustness testing into their development process and verify the quality of their software before deployment.
FTP was an easy choice for the first free release, because of its continued importance in various different networks, it provides an easy-to-setup target for anyone wishing to learn more about fuzzing.
In a matter of minutes from getting my hands on our Traffic Capture Fuzzer, I was already testing a wide range of proprietary protocols, which had always worried me, but for which Model-Based Fuzzers would have been impossible to create," says Ari Takanen, CTO of Codenomicon and co-author of Fuzzing, a security testing book for both security experts and network engineers.
The new advancements in XML fuzzing have led to the discovery of vulnerabilities and defects in important applications that are deployed in business-critical environments.
Codenomicon has been maintaining its lead in development of intelligent model-based fuzzing since 1996, when its founders were working in the widely-acclaimed Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG) PROTOS research project.
Through its pioneering use of Fuzzing test methodology, Codenomicon's XML solution is able to pro-actively diagnose currently unknown-vulnerabilities, as opposed to screening for already known-vulnerabilities which are much less valuable to a hostile third party.
Fuzzing Audit: Crawl and index the application for fuzzing vulnerabilities.
Through a cutting edge application known as protocol fuzzing, this new release extends ThreatEx's security testing coverage and allows users to find unknown vulnerabilities or weaknesses in their network's security devices, infrastructure or host applications.
Being first to market with a security analysis system capable of evaluating IPv4 and/or IPv6 is a significant advantage over any vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and fuzzing products.
Techniques such as fuzzing, to automate the search for vulnerabilities, have been in the news recently but in reality they automate only some of the process.