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1. and fuzz man and fuzzy (tail) n. the police; a jail keeper; a detective. The fuzz is onto you. Tell the fuzz man I was out of town when the job was pulled.
2. and fuzzle in. to get drunk. They were just sitting there fuzzling away the day. He fuzzled and fuzzled like booze was going out of style.

fuzz man

See fuzz
See also: fuzz, man

fuzz station

n. a police station. He had to spend about an hour at the fuzz station, but nothing happened to him.
See also: fuzz, station


and fuzzled and fuzzy
mod. alcohol intoxicated. You are too fuzzed all the time to hold the job. Pack!
See also: fuzz


n. a man with a beard. (see also fungus-face.) A couple of fuzz-faces came in and asked for mustache wax.
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Fuzz provides value to musicians, labels, booking agents, and managers at all levels by facilitating music sales, fan interaction, and efficient management of their business.
Fuzz, aged 34, from Moseley, Birmingham - a qualified bus mechanic - admits he could give up pop stardom for life on board the buses.
Other new tracks on Hot Fuzz are "Here Come The Fuzz" from Jon Spencer & The Elegant Too, and music from film composer David Arnold, best known for his recent James Bond film scores.
In launching our Web site we were also launching our business, so every day counted in terms of attracting great talent, capturing critical feedback from artists and music fans, and introducing a new business model," said Jeff Yasuda, Fuzz CEO.
Fuzz Townshend's new single Get Yoursel featuring Michael Valentine West, was released two weeks ago.
The new chrome-free silane finish reportedly reduces fuzz while providing faster wet-through, which reduces time and effort in roll-out.
The interoperability feature also allows rapid introduction of fuzz testing to demanding domains such as LTE/IMS telecommunication systems and smart grid test setups.
you enough to catch him live I don't know why, even though his guitar-playing prowess on Supergrass tracks like Richard III and Caught By the Fuzz is so epic, it's like being thrown into a ice bath headfirst, but I was totally blown away by both his vocal performace and musical skill.
2 HOT FUZZ (2007) SIMON plays a perfectionist super-cop called Nicholas Angel who is sent to a quiet village only to find there are murderers everywhere.
2 HOT FUZZ (2017) SIMON plays a perfectionist super-cop called Nicholas Angel who is sent to a quiet village only to find there are murderers everywhere.
The pace car was offi-cially unveiled by Ralph Hosier, Coventry Motofest technical director, and Fuzz Townsend, from Channel 4's Car SOS programme, who was one of the competition's guest judges.
Yes, she was captured by LA paps tweezing some annoying fuzz out of her face while sitting in her car.
Enoch Fuzz of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church is partnering with Rev.
HOT FUZZ ITV2 9PM Hot-shot London cop Simon Pegg (above) soon twigs that sleepy Sanford is as safe as Midsomer in murder season.
Take the rather marvellously monikered Fuzz Townshend as a case in point - he's been, at various points in his working life, the drummer for Pop Will Eat Itself, Bentley Rhythm Ace and The Beat among other well known acts; a motoring journalist and technical editor for a classic car magazine; a cherished and classic cars ambassador, and a TV presenter (along with the far less glamorous occupation of mechanic).