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1. and fuzz man and fuzzy (tail) n. the police; a jail keeper; a detective. The fuzz is onto you. Tell the fuzz man I was out of town when the job was pulled.
2. and fuzzle in. to get drunk. They were just sitting there fuzzling away the day. He fuzzled and fuzzled like booze was going out of style.

fuzz man

See fuzz
See also: fuzz, man

fuzz station

n. a police station. He had to spend about an hour at the fuzz station, but nothing happened to him.
See also: fuzz, station


and fuzzled and fuzzy
mod. alcohol intoxicated. You are too fuzzed all the time to hold the job. Pack!
See also: fuzz


n. a man with a beard. (see also fungus-face.) A couple of fuzz-faces came in and asked for mustache wax.
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Fuzz said of the campaign: "When I was growing up, my uncle used to drive a Rover P4 and the interior smelt like a pungent mix of his pipe smoke and the rich leather seats.
Seven-year-old Esha Randhawa with the pace car she designed for Motofest , nand (right) with Fuzz Townsend (front left), Ralph Hosier and Motofest Young Innovators competition runners-up in the car
Pastor Fuzz is encouraging all to attend to “share in the dream of Martin Luther King,” and “journey to diversity through dialogue on immigration.
Meanwhile, a Ministry of Defence insider said that Harry, who has landed a new job as a military events co-coordinator after leaving his Apache helicopter pilot job, has been off work and allowed to keep the fuzz.
Sulley is a fuzz testing framework consisting of multiple extensible components [22].
The film, which has been dubbed the final part in Wright's 'Three Colours Cornetto' trilogy, will see Frost, Pegg and Wright back together again after the success of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.
New York-based web and mobile development studio Fuzz Productions announced on Wednesday that it has launched FuzzEngage, a service focused on the creation of interactive advertisements for tablet devices.
Summary: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are planning a sequel to Hot Fuzz, the final part of their so-called Blood and Ice Cream trilogy.
Cork is babysitting for a porcupine and needs Fuzz's help--but Fuzz is too busy.
Williams harnesses the normally chaotic layers of fuzz and grime that crust over his music, singing heartbreakingly direct advice to himself: You know you're always gonna be this lonely in the end/You're always gonna be that guy without those friends.
So you have to get rid of the peach fuzz before you paint.
By integrating fuzz testing into your software development process, you can discover flaws at the earliest possible moment.
THE FUZZ BAND DOES BUSINESS TO the beat of its own drum.
THE success of hit British films such as Hot Fuzz and Mr Bean's Holiday has helped cinema chain Cineworld swing to a profit during the first-half of the year.