fuss (around) with (something)

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fuss (around) with (something)

To continually fiddle with something, often nervously and unnecessarily. Stop fussing with your hair, honey—it looks great. After I'm done a painting, I don't like to fuss around with it.
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fuss (around) with someone or something

to keep bothering with someone or something; to fiddle with someone or something. Don't fuss around with it. We'll have to get a new one. Don't fuss with your children. They will get along just fine without all that attention.
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fuss with

To handle or manipulate something excessively and unnecessarily, especially when overly concerned or nervous: The contestants fussed with their outfits before the pageant began.
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While the average women may spend 91 hours a year getting her face in order, at least a third admitted that we wished we could cut the time spend fussing around with makeup.
After fussing around with more flashbacks than its opening reel requires, matters firm up once the supernatural secret binding Ta (Name Tongkumnerd) and five former school friends is fully laid out.
Emma should have seen the malfunction happen as she was spotted fussing around with her clothing earlier on the main venue steps.